Hydro pump / wheel motor comparison

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by johnwon, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. johnwon

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    Hi; I was wondering which is known to be a better "longer lasting / trouble free" Ross MB15 compared to Parker TG15
    And for pumps a Hydro Gear BDP10 compared to Hydro Gear 12cc "I don't know the exact model number...this is just what was listed in the specs. of two different machines of some what the same price range.
    If one or the other is more high dollar than the other, please let us know.
    Also as for the pumps 10cc compared to 12cc...how much better or an advantage is the 12cc over the 10cc. Thanks to anyone willing to take the time to answer all or any part of these questions.
    I think this info will help us know what we are getting when we shop for a machine. Thanks again
  2. khouse

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    both manufacture very good wheel motors. the larger the pump the better. hydro-gear has much of the market share in pumps the cc's refer to pump volume. the more volume the better. i have used 72 inch mowers with 10 cc pumps and when your pulling a hill these pumps work hard and loose speed. then i have drove mowers with 21 cc pumps on them going up the same hills and there is no slow down or noise out of the pumps. i know the size of the wheel motors should be take into consideration. both these pumps were hydro-gear's
  3. TLS

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    Parker/Ross are the same company IIRC both are 15 cubic inch motors.

    The larger the pump, the better. To an extent. Get too big, and they DO suck power.
  4. johnwon

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    Thanks a million for the info.

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