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  1. JCSizemore

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    Hello, I have a 72" Hustler ZTR Super Z. I'm currently rebuilding the pump and would like the torque on the top plates four 13mm bolts holding valve plate down. I would appreciate any info, please.
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    E-mail me your model and serial # and I will email you the service manual for the pumps.

  3. JCSizemore

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    Unfortunately the tag wasn't on the mower when I bought it. That tag sure would've made this job a lot easier. When I bought the mower from a guy going out of business, it had a bad motor and bad hydro pump motor, left side, which was already taken off of the machine. I have put another motor and new pump motor on and did some internet research for the torque. So far so good, maybe they could stamp the model and serial numbers on them somewhere. Thanks for getting back with me so quickly. If I have anymore problems with it, I'll get back to you about it. JC Sizemore

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