Hydro pumps going.$2,000 bucks?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DoubleCutter, May 31, 2003.

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    Howdy, My Turf Tiger pumps havent been sounding the greatest. Im pretty sure that they are pooping the bed as we speak. I understand that things need to be replaced.... But for both pumps and wheel motors my dealer claimed it was under 900 for each side to be done. I personaly have never had a pump go, And I dont understand why these pumps might be heading south...I am meticulous on maintanence. But they are really whining bad. Im just asking for some info, anything would be appreciated...I would really like you guys to email me rather than respond here as time/work/etc doesnt allow me to visit this BB more than once a week. I changed oil two days ago and did not see any obvious signs of metal....I never had one go before and well my mower is only worth 4,000...2,000 in pumns alone and Ill burn the thing......Id really just like some info on othersthat have had this problem TIA Bill
  2. What sound are your pumps making? Do they sound like "Traaaaaaaaade meeeee innnnnnnn" ??? Seriously, before I spent that kind of money, I'd sell the thing on eBay and buy a new machine.
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    Some really good ear plugs might help.
    Just had to write that.
    Who diagnosed your problem?
    Is the dealer telling you that's what the problem is or are you telling the dealer what problem you think you have?
    Numerous things can make some really strange noises, brakes, belts, dead critters splattered under the deck.

    Check Landscapersupply.com, or your favorite parts supplier for replacement
    parts, can you replace them yourself?
    Good Luck
  4. DoubleCutter

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    The pumps are really kinda howling all of the sudden. I replaced a hose after it expolded on me and since its been getting noisy. I changed the oil in it on wens...I saw no obvious signs of metal shavings etc. I also have not noticed any performance issues either it runs fine just noisier. Maybe its normal for these pumps but things have been going way to good for me this year LOL Im due for some big BS. I started the mower up with no belts running the pumps and its quiet, The only thing I can see that might be making noise is the pulley. I better run to the auto store and get a stethescope to pinpoint it. Just 2G's man thats way too much Im gonna look for a parts one if I could
    PS this is my turf tiger that I am having problems with if it helps at all. Thanks for your input Bill
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    You have air in your system. I had the same problem on my exmark. What you want to do is fill your machine with the proper hydro fluid then loosen the caps on top of your hydro pumps. Don't loosen to much, just enough to let fluid come out. You will see bubbles in the fluid. Let the machine run until the bubbles are gone and then re-tighten while it is running. Make sure you keep the hydro fluid up to where it is supposed to be or else you will suck more air in.

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    proscraper is right

    if your pumps were going bad you would know it in performance and more than a whine.

    they all whine to some extent as they are "pumping"

    check out GH mowers they are loud.

    I don't think your dealer understands the mower so just bleed off the air.
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    All pumps and motors can easily be rebuilt.... But I would not go to your dealer. If they "are" really going bad, take them off yourself. Then, look in the yellow pages for a hydraulic pump maintenance company. They do pumps all day long. They have the parts in stock and have all the tools and equipment test and fix them fast and inexpensively.
    Actually, I'll bet you "your dealer" doesn't do his own work on the pumps and sends them out for repair............
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    read your manual on how to properly purge the air out of the system. That might be the problem.

    And if you need a new pump/motor/whatever, be sure to shop around and even consider mail-order if you can do the work yourself.
  10. I paid $1600 for a brand new Eaton pump , and there are 2 on my ztr , if i had to replace both i`d just burn it. my problem was it was always like there was air in it after i changed the oil, and it never picked up all the way, so i stuck a new one in . and it was ****** expensive , oh well a dealer is gonna give me 900 for the old one to rebuild

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