Hydro Reservoir Overflowing

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by DMAN, Dec 10, 2001.

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    I went to check my Hydro reservoir and noticed that there was a significant amount of oil residue all around where the cap is. I checked the tightness of the cap and it was very snug. This condition has happened before but i wiped the top of the reservoir clean and the problem didn't occur until now.(approx 50 hrs. later) The filter was changed recently and the correct amount of oil was added to the reservoir.Is this a case of the oil getting too hot and boiling over or is the seal bad on the cap??
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    I take it that you are talking about a Lazer series mower? It could be the cap, the cap should have an orange colored rubber seal. I have seen after an oil change that it has fell into the reservoir.

    I would probably guess that it is over full or it has air into the system. With Exmark hydro system it takes only 1 qt of Mobil 1 15-50 synthetic to do an oil and filter change (except Turf Ranger).

    The fill line is the baffle that's in your reservoir. Cold it will be 1/8" below and hot it is about 1/8" over.

    The system can have air in it after an oil change for a short time, less than 30 minutes max. If there is air in the system the oil will look milky when the unit has been running.

    Check this out and let us know.

    Thanks, Fred.
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    Mine has been doing this since new. Upon delivery it was VERY bad. Tried to check fluid level, and needed large slip joint pliers to remove the cap. It was on there crooked! Upon removal, I noticed that the cap had no threads. Just an aluminum cap with a black plastic covering on it. Inside, the seal was present, but because it was on crooked, it allowed fluid to leak everywhere. Got a new cap and noticed it actually HAD threads! Screwed it on and it is much BETTER. Still leaks somehow. Entire resivoir is wet and "hairy" with dirt. Any suggestions?

    This SHOULD be re-engineered (I think it may have been) to include some sort of POSITIVE sealing and maybe a vent hose so it doesn't spray all over the mower when it vents.

    I'm very pleased overall in the machine, but this is something that would cause a LOT of damage if I were to pressure wash this area and water were to get in.
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    Thanks. With feedback just like we've had on this thread we hopefully learn a little more each year.

    I think you'll like the changes we've made to the hydro reservoir for 2002. We've tried to eliminate all of the issues you mentioned by casting the reservoir in aluminum. This enabled us to build in a better fill level indicator and utilize a more positive sealing "male" cap versus the "female" cap we've been using.


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    I thought I read somewhere that you improved the resivoir gor 2002. Is there any way to retro-fit the new style on my 2001? The way I figure it, if oil is getting out...what is getting back in????

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    I guess a person could with out too much trouble. Go to the dealer and order these parts, total it will cost about $80.00. You will have to watch your hose lengths. The parts you need are these.

    1, 103-1947 Hydro tank assy. W/decal
    1, 103-1801 Tank nipple
    1, 103-1912 Tank nipple
    2, 1-603921 O-ring
    1, 103-1988 Hose clamp (11/16)
    1, 103-1716 Hose clamp (17/32)

    If this is something that you want to do, have your dealer contact me. I would be happy to work out any details.

    Thanks, Fred.
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    I had the EXACT same experience as TLS with my 2001 60" Lazer when new. The reservoir cap was screwed on too tightly-thus causing the orange to become "crooked" and seep hydro oil on to the top of the tank. I had to wrap the cap in a rag and use big channel locks to remove the cap the first time.

    Afterwards, I just reset the orange seal correctly. No further problem.

    Otherwise, 400 hrs. later with absolutly no problems! :D

    Thanks for such a fine piece of equipment, Exmark! And happy 20th anniversary!

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