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Has anyone written instructions to give to customers after hydro-seeding. I tell my customers how to care for new seed but I think most forget right after I tell them. I am going to write up directions to hand out. Just wondering if anyone had written some that I could use. Water seems to be the most crucial item. Some customers take reaLLY good care of it and it grows like crazy while others don't touch it and complain about no results.


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Here you go:<p>Your lawn has just been hydroseeded!<p>This process of establishing a new lawn is far superior to traditional method.<p>Hydroseeding combines grass seed, fertilizer, and lime with a natural fiber mulch, which helps to keep the seed moist and in place<p>Do your part!<p>Once your lawn has been hydroseeded it needs to be watered regularly. The most important job is yours. Set up a watering schedule for your new lawn. Please follow our recommendations and customize as needed.<p>Ideally your lawn should be watered three times a day. Once in the early morning, once in the late morning and again in the afternoon for 15- 25 minutes. <br>Depending on soil conditions, weather etc.… , you may have to adjust the duration of each watering period.<p>If you start to see puddling shut off your sprinkler and reduce the time of the following watering periods. Remember the soil and seed should be moist not soaked!<p>We guarantee your satisfaction with your newly seeded lawn. Remember it will take one to two growing seasons to completely fill in. You can speed this process along with proper maintenance practices.<p>Take only 1/3 of the grass blade off with each mowing.<p>Make sure your lawn gets one inch of water per week in the growing season.<p>Provide a balanced nutrient program for your new and established lawn.<p><br>We cannot be responsible for washouts of a seeded lawn, if your seed is washed out by torrential downpours we will reseed the area at cost.<p>I also go through it with them and show them how much to water. Or tell them to time it the first time and when it starts to puddle or run. to stop and take a couple of minutes off of that time thereafter. Good luck.<p>

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paul sound like you got it together on this one.

the instructions we leave behind after seeding reads somthing like this.
1. water your new lawn for 20 min everyday.
2. everyday the lawn needs 20 min of water.
3. monday thru sunday all sevendays of the week the lawn needs water for 20 min.
4. when watering your lawn run the sprinkler for 20 min everyday you run the sprinkler.
5. do the 20 min water everyday for one month or 30 consecutive days or four continous weeks or one full callender month.

If you have questions on how long to water plase read 1,2,3,4,5, the 20 min per day for 30 days is the best way.

remember 99% of all seeding failures are due to a lack of water. if you don't water the seed will not grow.

iam not kiiding on this one. this is what we had out, and we still get calls with watering questions. we do alot this seems to be the best instruction form so far


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I've added a couple other things to my handout, and have found a couple other larger companies that have done something similar. The gist of the message is this - the largest determinant in the success of your newly seeded lawn is watering. Because we cannot control how much you will water, we cannot guarantee the results of your lawn. If there are bare spots due to mechanical failure of our seeding apparatus, we'll reseed those areas, but otherwise you're on your own (or words to that effect).


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Our new hydroseeded lawn has filled in completly and looks better than most sodded lawns in my subdivision after only 8 weeks....we are amazed. Cutting every 4 days now.

Also, our hydroseeder recommended 45 minutes/zone/day of water split into as many starting times your controller can handle starting at 9am and the last at 10pm.

After about 3-4 weeks, we switched to once a day watering still 45 minutes/zone. (we have a cycle/soak feature that helps).

Fertilizing with a 19-19-19 at 50 lbs/12000 sqft every 3 weeks.

Weeds were eaten alive by this gr***...mostly lab-created bluegr***es.


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The only thing i would add is spaces for them to intial each
recomendation like a loan does. just in case you find yourself in court.C.H.A you know what i mean.

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Conwed has a nice pre-printed piece that we use to hand out to customers after we hydroseed. We also mail it with the bill, and often we mail it out a week later too.