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    Hello all,

    If this post is in the wrong place feel free to move it as i could not find the proper place. My company does quite a bit of work for BNSF railroad, and they have a somewhat of a large project needing to be done asap. We do not own a hydro machine but are willing to drive to K.C. to get one for this job. It consists of Hydro seeding an area that is approx. 10 acres.... yeah almost half a million sqft. We have the seed mix which isn't your normal grass, well here i'll just tell you what it is....

    Sideoats Grama – 9.5lbs pls/acre
    Big Bluestem – 6.5 lbs pls/acre
    Little Bluestem – 8.5 lbs pls/acre
    Switch grass – 13 lbs pls/acre
    Indian grass – 9.5lbs pls/acre
    Oats – 15 lbs/acre
    Winter Wheat – 15 lbs/acre

    I was just curious what the going rate is for pricing this sort of job. I called a couple other lawn cares here in town and from what i hear the going rate for fescue HERE is anywhere from 12 to 20 cents a sqft. Now obviously i could give them a break since its a half a million but does this sound right? Thanks in advance for the help!
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    10 acres of fescue in my area would go for about 5 to 6 cents a square.. call ernst http://www.ernstseed.com/ for a price on the blend. most of those seeds i gotta say are gonna be in the $10 per pound range.. if you dont have the equipment for a job that size i would def sub it out. most likely a job you can make good money subbing it out...


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