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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MsBladePlls Inc., Oct 27, 2000.

  1. MsBladePlls Inc.

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    I would like to get a few suggestions on Hydro seeding. I have just added this service to our services. I have mostly been servings residental locations. I have a bid coming up for a undeveloped commerical site. 4 acres.

    My equipment : Turbo Turf 500 gal

    Mainly they need erosion control for the front site area. Any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Alan

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    First off, you've got a very nice seeder there, did you get get the HPW package, the one with the bigger pump and bale buster jet?

    If all you're looking for is quick cover, I'd go with something that comes in quick and reltively hardy. Around here there is a "Conservation Mix" that is sold with that in mind. I'm not sure just where my catalog is right now so I can't quote the mixture. Back that up with about 5 lbs of WINTER rye per 1,000 sf. The winter rye will be up in about 6 days at this time of year, even up here in the north. It will get roots down and help hold things in place. Will they be mowing this area next year? If so, use your regular seed mix for the soil type and still use the winter rye. It will die out after part of the mowing season, but in the meantime it will get things tied down. Make sure you get WINTER rye,, not ANNUAL rye.
  3. MsBladePlls Inc.

    MsBladePlls Inc. LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Alan,

    Well to answer some of your questions. I did not get the HPW Package. But I have the Vanguard engine 13hp. Yes it is working great. We have been servicing mostly residental areas. I have been getting around .06 to .08 cents per sq ft. Off the top do you have a acre price?

    I will be shooting for Fescue blend/winter rye mix for the seed. we will be cutting this area next year. (4 acres). Finn Soluble Fertilizer for growth, Cowed Contact Tackifier and paper mulch. I feel this should stick pretty well. They will not be re-grading this area and the contractor wants this area to be a turf area. The drought has hit this area hard. Atlanta, GA . Plus I forgot to mention, there is not (at this point) any irrigation on site installed. This will be a fairly large project and we will be shooting other areas later with landscaping installation. If you have any further suggestions on pricing for acreage, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.. Ms Blade...
  4. dhicks

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    Hey you have the machine (Turbo Turf 500) that I want. Glad to hear that it works great. I hope to add to my inventory next fall.
  5. MsBladePlls Inc.

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    Hi dhicks,

    Well go to http://www.turboturf.com and they will send you a free video. Plus their staff is very helpful. We have been using it for 2 months and love the results so far on the residental that we have shot. I have it on the back of one of my Ford F350 dualies. I will be transfering it to a small trailor. Right now I have enough trailors. I can get in and out this way better.

    Do you have any suggestions on pricing on acreage rate not square footage? thanks and good luck..
  6. MsBladePlls Inc.

    MsBladePlls Inc. LawnSite Member
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    Anyone iwth any idea on pricing hydro seeding for acreage price verus sq ft? thanks.
  7. dhicks

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    Thanks: I have the video and spoke with the company. I plan a trip to Penna. this spring and I will try to tour the factory/shop. As for pricing acerage, I have no idea. I guess now would be a good time to call or write Turbo Turf.

  8. Ocutter

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    Hi- not a pro at this (hydro seeding) but hope to be one day. Other posts have been quoted at 1600.00 per acre.
  9. paul

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    How many lbs per acre are you planning to use, how much seed per acre are you going to use, all this affects the price per acre. We do slopes with 2000 to 3000 lbs per acre, flat areas 1500 lbs per acre. In our area we use wood /paper or just wood mulch so our costs are higher. Don't know if your machine can handle straight wood mulch. Prices run from $2000 to $5000 per acre.
  10. dhicks

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    Paul: What machine are you using? I don't think the Turbo Turf can do straight wood mulch. I may be wrong. I'm really interested in this subject before I buy.

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