Hydro Seeding - suggestions

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MsBladePlls Inc., Oct 27, 2000.

  1. paul

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    We use a Finn 800 gallon machine.

    Just a few more thoughts, we drill our seed in with a brillion seeder mounted on a tractor and use the hydro mulcher as cover for our seed , we feeel that this gives us the best starting point for the seed.
  2. turfman99

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    We too use a brillion drill seeder, sometimes with out hydroing mulch on it. We scarify the area with our Toro Sand Pro and then run the brillion at half rate one way and half rate 90 degrees to that. Give us an excellent stand.

    We are going to go with the Finn 900 gallon this next year. Tirde of giving the money to the sub's. Most of our hydroseeding is 6000 sf and above.
  3. MsBladePlls Inc.

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    Thanks everyone for all the acre pricing info!!

    The bid was on straight flat land. $1800-$2000 per acre. I will be using the turbo turf 500 machine. 13hp Vanguard engine. We have gotten some really nice results with the residental properties we have shot. Thanks again!!

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