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    any of you landscape guys do any hydroseeding. if so, is the start up cost of it reasonable, at least reasonable enough to make back with a good amount of work in one season. also, which units are the best, i guess Finn is the most well known, but wondering if there are any cheaper, quality alternatives. thanks.
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    It really depends on what you intend to do with the machine. A jet machine can handle wood mulches, although not as efficiently as mechanically agitated machines. If you are going to be doing primarily residential work, a jet machine is a good startup. If you need to apply heavy wood rates and BFM's, or plan on doing state issued work, mechanical is the only way to go. Some turfgrass knowledge is very necessary, otherwise you can waste a lot of money and time trying to figure out why this didn't work or tht didn't work. It's not an overnight sensation, either. Depending on how many seeders are currently in your area, you may have to compete on price, rather than quality until you are established. It has taken us almost 3 years, and alot of advertising $$ to get our seeding business off the ground. We did about 50K ft2 the first season in 2003, and are somewhere around 1M ft2 this season.We use jet machines here in WV, but are going to be buying a much larger mechanical machine in the spring to expand into state and reclamation jobs.Get a good understanding of your costs also, both direct and indirect, into the pricing structure. And yes, if you have a good market and do good work, there is money to be made. I actually bought our first machine with a signed contract that I got paid in advance of the job. It paid for the machine, materials, and about 300.00 bucks into the company account. You can get a nice 300 gal. jet machine for around 4000.00 and up, and mechanical agitation usually runs about 2-2.5X that for a similar sized machine.

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