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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by zim bob the landscaper, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. zim bob the landscaper

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    what is the price per sq ft for hydro seed? also do you need a applicators license for hydro seeding??? thanks allot guys
  2. muddstopper

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    Zim bob, Instead of giving the usual reply that everybody like to give. I am going to give you some facts.

    When you say price per sqft, are you asking price as you being the customer or you being the hydroseeding applicator. Either way price is determined by cost. As an contractor, you have a certain amount of overhead, ie., hydroseeding equipment, truck, insurance, fuel, labor, taxes, ect., etc. then you have your material cost. Seed, fertilizer, hydromulch or straw, etc. etc. Now as a contractor you have to factor in your overhead cost as well as your material cost to determine how much it cost you to hydroseed a given sqft area. Then you add on your profit that you which to achieve and you have your price that you can give to your customer.

    As a customer, the price you can expect to pay for hydroseeding is factored the same way it would be for the hydroseeding contractor. After all, he is the one with the intital equipment and overhead cost.

    So many people want to just figure the actual cost of material and then add in a percentage over those cost and call it profit. It aint true. it just dont work that way. Even if the equipment is given to you you still have a fixed cost of using that equipment that has to be factored into the price. After all, if you aint charging something for the equipment use, how are you going to replace it when it is worn out. The first machine might have been free but the replacement is going to cost you.

    Now for the standard answer. Every area is going to be a little different simply because of the different seed types and requirements. But as an adverage, material cost will be somewhere in the area of $0.02 sqft. If you are the hydroseeding contractor, expect to have to charge at least $0.05 cents a sqft just to stay in business and more if you wish to make a true profit. Otherwise you will wake up one morning and realize that you need a new hydroseeding machine and dont have the money to pay for it. Now I know that there are a lot of large hydroseeding contractors that charge much less than $0.05 a sqft to hydroseed, but these operators are working on huge volume where overhead and fixed cost are spread out over acres a day instead of a few small lawns.
  3. Idealtim

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    What he said^lol.
  4. zim bob the landscaper

    zim bob the landscaper LawnSite Bronze Member
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    thanks muddstopper for the info.
  5. CAG

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    8-12 per square..8 if its big and you get the raking..12 if its small and you don't get prep work..but watch out if you just do the seeding, if they do a poor job prepping it the work reflects on you because you sprayed the lawn..

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