Hydro Seeding

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    We live in South Goergia. Can someone give us information on the efficiency on hydroseeding versus sod, seeding, and plugging grasses? Does the hydro seeding work well for our area? Cost per square foot? Germination time? Are there any drawbacks with hydro seeding? Is there any downtime associated with hydro seeding and also who does it in our area? We live between Savannah and Augusta, Georgia.
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    Check out International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals for more info than I can type.
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    I live in Md. but the overall benefits of hydro seeding : The mixture of course goes on wet so the germiation process starts early. You dont have to worry about straw blowing away. Weeds are less due to your mulch is artificial i use a 70-30 blend which is 70 wood blend 30 paper. There are many additives out there to help the germination process. Labor is much faster. I dont sod so i cant help you there. The company that i bought my hydro seeder from has a excellant web site. www.turfmaker.com

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