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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Curious what you guys can tell me about this biz? What system or brand is good, better, best and what works for 5K - 30K lawns.

    Been looking at this for a while but no around my area (at least with in 75 miles) does this service. I already have a boomer with tiller and bush hog - always rented a seeder. Just seems like another way to seed rather than sod or seeding.

    What are pro/cons of the situation? Paper mulch I was told not to use, but to use a mixture with mulch product?

    Any info would be great.
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    Finn is the gold standard in all things hydroseed... that being said I have an easy lawn.. buyers remorse you might say. it was cheaper, and we don't do all that much w/ hydroseeding more use it as a water tank or street washer but it has a good deal of problems compared to the finn my dad had years earlier.
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    not really, i just bought a bowie and is blows my finn away. my finn was only a 2004 as well!

  5. Marcos

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    Google 'TGMI' and /or 'AQUAMULCHER' and look at the units that this company out of N. Cincinnati has. They're every bit as good as a FINN, at about 3/5 the price! (Some of the people who started TGMI broke away from FINN some years ago)
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    Can you "re-seed" yards that need a little here and there such as after a construction remodel on a house or winter kill areas? or is it better to over seed these areas yet?
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    As far as i am concernerd they are novelty item.Time consuming ,messy,poor seed to soil contact if not watered in .We usually drill seed a little seed in before application any way.They can be handy on slopes .We could live with out our 500 gallon unit . But if you you need to burn alittle cash ,it can be a welcome addition to the line-up .We have guy with a large finn cannon on a straight truck and he has to travel to keep his crew busy seeding mostly ditchs and roadways.most of our hydroseed jobs could have been drilled in with alittle straw or woodwool erosion mat .
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    Meets1, you asked about mulches. Most all the mulches work well. I would say based on talking to hundreds and hundreds of hydroseeding contractors a year that the product that seems to be most perfered is a paper/wood blend. I see people getting great results from most any mulch but the newer mulches made from corn or cotton seem to be a bit more difficult to use.

    Marcos, you information about TGMI is correct but Bob also was a Bowie dealer for a long time so he has experience in both camps. He does make a good unit and has good prices.

    Meets1, you can do overseeding and spot repairs with a hydroseeding unit quite well. I have done tons of jobs like that with great success. I do prefer to do them in the Spring or fall when the ground is soft but it is easy to overseed and to follow the patterns of bare spots which are usually also a part of jobs like that.
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    Tom, I think the is a lot of good info in that thread and i am glad you found it.

    I do want to clarify something from my last post. I said the mulch that seems to be most preferred was a wood/paper blend. I would like to add that I was thinking about in areas similar to that which Meets1 is in. How it really seems to me is that in the north where grass is much easy to grow paper mulch is probably the most common. In the states where the temperatures get a little higher such as IA, the Carolinas, Ky, Tenn the wood paper blends seem to be the most common. It the states where it is hotter yet such as Texas, NM, AZ, etc 100% wood seems to be more common. People do seem to use all mulches successfully about everywhere in the country though.

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