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Hydro Seeding


LawnSite Member
Jesup, GA
Any of you guys in the hydro seeding business? I just bought my first hydro seeder less than a month ago. Already made about $12,000.00 with it. Boy, wish I had done it sooner. What a great add-on to my business. In fact, I have been so busy, I haven't been on the forum since I got the thing. Just an idea for some of ya'll looking for a great idea for an add-on!

cutting edge

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Americus, GA
What size did you buy? Price? Are you doing new construction or renovation? How does Jesup compare to Albany and Americus?


LawnSite Senior Member
Where can I learn more about it? I'm working up some upgrades in all aspects of my business, adding services as well as quality equipment, and would like to look into hydro-seeding as well.

I've heard good things so far... ;)



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I have done hydroseeding for about five years. I have a Finn T-50 trailer model. 500 gallon, sprays about 6000-7000 square feet.

I really like it. Good money, fairly easy, except for dragging the 100 foot hose around houses.

The best guy to talk to is Al Shrand at Finn Corp. He is an expert on hydroseeding. Finn invented "hydroseeding" in the sixties and have really developed it.

I would like to know how much you guys that do it charge. By the square foot is the way I do it. Mine runs between .045 and .06 cents per per square foot. It all depends on the seed they want.


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I have thought of HydoSeeding as well,if fact just recieved my Finn info. in the mail.I saw alot of Hydroseed work when I was living up north,since my move to KY have not seen much here.Most use seed and straw.A CUT ABOVE glad to here its working for you,I see your down South so I guess you can sell it here! INDIANA,I see you are down south as well,What kind of money are we talking for that 500 gallon system?I'm looking at the T60 series 2.THANKS


LawnSite Member
Last time I checked I think a T-60 will run about $19,000. It may be a little less. I have a T-50 with a Kubota 3 cyl. deisel. They don't market the deisel anymore because of the extra money. Naturally, deisels are easier on fuel. I bought mine used. It was a good deal, but I had to alot of nick picky stuff on it because the guy before didn't do anything but fuel it.

One big drawback... The weight. My seeder weighs 3300 lbs. empty 7800 fully loaded. It is a heck of a thing to pull up 25% grades. I got a Chevy one ton, 2WD. Should have a 4WD deisel, but I can't afford it right now.

Look at the TurfMaker. It is skid mounted and weighs alot less. 1700 lbs. Also, TurfMaker makes a trailer model. It still has a mechinical agitator and all that a Finn has. Skid mounted runs about $11,000 no more.

That's what I might do to get out of buying a 4WD.


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Watch out for jet agitated units. There are alot of them on the market. You must have a mechanical agitator to use the hydro-seeder and not have problems with clogs and pump failure.

I know a few guys that had these units and went out of business because of problems with their seeders. TurfMaker, Finn, and Bowie are all good seeders.



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Seaside, Oregon
See the post above, he said all I wanted to
say.Very important to listen to those who
have used them,there is differances in them.
Not all hydroseeders are the same.


Indiana wrote, >>Watch out for jet agitated units. There are alot of them on the market. You must have a mechanical agitator to use the hydro-seeder and not have problems with clogs and pump failure. <<

Don't make such broad statements. Turbo Turf units will mix as well as the mechanical units will. They might not with the really serious erosion control mulches from Conwed, but with normal paper mulch they will mix as fast as you can put it in the tank. The jet agitated ones that have problems use some sort of tube to disperse the jets into the tank through small holes. Turbo Turf, on their XPW series machines use 2" agitator jets and a HUGE bale buster that shoots in from the end of the tank.

I built a baby unit for myself, only 200 gallon, but I put 1 1'4" agitators, four of them, and a 2" bale buster. It will mix as fast as I can add mulch, by the time I get back with a bucket of seed the mulch is dispersed, dump in the seed and top off the tank and spray! Working alone, dragging my own hose and doing my own mixing I can put down right around 5,000 ft per hour. Not bad for a rig that I've only got about $2500 invested in.