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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ricky, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. Ricky

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    What does everyone do for Hydro service in your Z mowers? How often do you change the Filters?........ Oil?.......What brand mower? Do you do this yourself? Thanks :)
  2. lawnkid

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    It should say it in the manual when you bought the mower or if you bought it used, it's only like $10 for a manual. I have a Scag 52"SWZ Hydro. Heres what I do:

    1-10 hrs.- check tightness of belts, check engine oil and filter at 5hrs, check hydro filter every 20 hrs. Add oil if needed

    Daily-Check engine oil
    clean blower screen
    clean grass and debris from under belt cover
    sharpen blades
    clean air filter

    Weekly-Check battery acid level
    tire pressure

    Biweekly-grease caster wheel bearings
    change engine oil and filter: chassis grease
    replace air filter

    Monthly- check tightness
    clean and adjust spark plugs
    drain hydraulic system and rep;ace fluid
    change hydo oil filter
    change engine oil filter
    check hydrostatic fluid resevoir level

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