Hydro turf planters assoc.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Planet Landscaping, Jan 7, 2004.

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    BEWARE all lawnsite members.They took my $100 and in return I got 0000000000000, nada, nothing. I asked for a refund from Sean Gassman (lawnsite member) many times,With no return call.Is this HTPA "code of ethics"?. Posting This is the last option.:mad: Ps , Sean care to comment on this??
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    Well here is a reply to an old post. HTPA shut down in August of 2004. I was no longer President of HTPA as of Nov. 2003, so your post and emails would have gone to the new board of Directors and new President Kenny Kay. As for exactly what happened, why, etc. no reason to bring up the past, but after being the founding president for 4 years, and the only elected president for another two years, the new board shut down after only six months.

    I have not been active for several years and resently back on this board and found this post and needed to clear up things up.

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