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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dgram8, Dec 29, 2003.

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    anybody doing lawns with hydro turf or other brands any comments on which systems are better
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    Easy Lawn has a line they call their "Contractor" series that use mechanical agitiation and stainless steel tanks. They use a diesel engine that pushes a hydraulic pump running out to hydraulic motors on the pump and the agitator and the bale buster. The top of the tank is covered in polyurathane for durability. The agitator shaft is flanged INSIDE the tank so you don't have to remove pedestal bearings to take it out if you need to work on it or the tank. The agitator can be ran in any direction.

    I went to the green expo in Louiseville in October and looked at them, a couple of things I didn't like the looks of; The blades on the agitator shaft don't look like they would push the material as well as the blades on a Bowie or a TurfMaker. They had one machine inside that had the side of the tank cut-out so you could see inside it. They had a machine outside that they demonstrated. I was not impressed with the action going on inside the tank. The bale buster looks a little on the weak side just by eyeing it.

    I also looked at TurboTurfs new 1000ZED machine that is 1000 gallon, jet agitated with 2 engines. It had some SERIOUS action going on inside it and I wonder if it might do OK with wood mulches? I think TurbTurf is doing some tests on it now.

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