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Hydro verses Walk-Behind


LawnSite Member
Kansas City, MO

This was my first season, I purchased a 36" SCAG Walk-Behind. The machine is wonderful but it's a bit bulky when turning. All of my clients are residential, What's your opinion of the 32" StandWright?



LawnSite Member
Attleborough, MA
hey Jeff,

is the Scag a gear-drive? if so, weather or not you get a stander or another walk behind, definitley go hydro! we also do mostly residentials, and recently purchased a 52" stander which are all hydro, and it is awsome. if you can fit a 36" in all of your back yards i would stay with that size, and get a stander. of course i dont know what you have to spend, but the standers are worth every penny (and they do cost a few pennies)!:rolleyes: