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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scooter978, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. scooter978

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    After many weeks of research and demos I have narrowed the field down to two mowers, Exmark ESC and the T handle Hustler. After demos on 42 degree hills I'm leaning towards the Hustler. Any thoughts on the two W/B? I'm also looking to purchase the Super Z !! Any help on this would be greatful as I'm planning the purchase this Friday!!
  2. sawman65

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    been selling exmark mowers for 12 years so i bleed exmark red.BUT i have jumped on boad the hustler wagon and i realy like them been selling them for three years and was lucky enough to use the super walkbehind last year.i cut 8 acres at the house and it is steep i live in east TN. and it blew me away.this is a money maker and the super z is a great mower also used it the year before.just make sure the dealer will give you service and parts.see if he has a belt or blades.and ask to see them if he cant produce those simple and fast moving parts find another dealer
  3. johnnyusa

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    I dont care too much for riders because of wheel marks in the soft ground during springtime ( i used scag and lazer z for a few yrs. ) Never used a hustler i heard the cut isnt as well so,if your mowing hills and dont care as much about quality then get hustling, if you want a fast and manicured look , go with any exmark tthp or tt hyro w/ sit down sulky. period.ive been cutting lawns for alot of years and had alot of customers tell me can you please use the red machine only , i like the way it cuts. I also like the older style toros also. excellent belt w/ t-bar , new ones way too front heavy now in walkbehinds.

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