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    They go 7mph and a Z goes 9mph. On wide open turf, sure a Z is faster, but when you've got hills, berms and smaller areas, a WB will outdo it. They handle inclines better and can turn faster with less scuffing.
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    Thank you for all the info. Now a couple more questions for you. What do you guys prefer, pistol grip or lever speed control? Why do you like one more than the other? Do you have a choice when buying most mowers between one or the other or do certain brands of mowers only come a certain way?
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    I use Encore hydros. They only come with pistol grips and the price was good. The hydros work great on all types of yards.
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    We use both a belt drive JD and a hydro Scag. <br>The Scag will out cut the JD 3:1. If you have a wide open space to mow there is not difference. If you are mowing around shrubs, trees, sidewalks and other natural obstructions the reverse on command can't be beaten. I have a lever speed control on both and like it. Would like a pistol grip better.
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    I don't have a hydro yet but it's in the cards. all the reasons listed above are valid except for one.<p>someone wrote: &quot;Cutting hills with a belt is not an option&quot;.<p>this is a ludicrous statement. I can mow any hill with my belt drive that a hydro can mow. I do it all the time. good luck.<p>GEO
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    geogun, i agree! i mow 75 degree angles with my belt driven everyday
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    your kidding about 75 degree angles.....right? maybe im wrong but i dont think that is possible<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    its very possible but not too easy! these are hills you cant even walk up there so dam steep! i have to use all my body strenth to keep the mower on the hill....ive had many instances wheere it looses traction and slipd down sideways down the hill....my heart just about stops beating! i am just way to spoiled by my ztr that i hate using my walkbehind let alone a 21inch push mower.. that is the reason why i use the 36 on very steep hills..... when the 85 degree hills come along is when i weed wack thwe whole thing!
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    Did someone forget geometry? 75-85- inclines.<br>90 is straight up guys!

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