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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ljhanson12345, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. ljhanson12345

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    hey guys just wondering if any of yall run hydrogen generators in your truck? Since the gas prices have gone up this is ideal for saving money. For yall who don't know it splits water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules and the hydrogen mixes in with the gas giving you better fuel economy. Hydrogen is a better source of fuel and actually cleans the engine. My dad is an engineer and he and his buddy have made one, now they just have got to install it. hopefully ill have one soon.

    i actually met a guy at home depot who runs his car on just hydrogen. The only draw back is hydrogen runs at a higher temperture which will eventually ruin his engine. With the prices of trucks being so low you could find these 1000 dollar trucks and just go through em and still be saving money. something to think about uh
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    How much gasoline does it take to generate the electricity used to split the hydrogen from the oxygen?
  3. ljhanson12345

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    none really; you will use the electricity from the battery to get it going. just look up hydrogen generator on youtube, they also have directions on how to make one
  4. XterraJohn

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    You realize that the engine is used to charge that battery when it gets low, right?
  5. MarcSmith

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    so is what happens the oxyhydrogen generator runs your battery down, and you end up killing your alternator which keeps trying to charge a battery that drawing to many amps...

    Its takes a significant amount of energy to "split" water., and its not like you are getting a huge amount of oxyhydrogren from the split either.

    The alternator draw energys from the gasoline engine to recharge the battery that you are using to make your oxyhydrogen. its a losing proposition.

    Energy can never be created nor destroyed, unless you are GOD...or chuck norris...

    your batter is putting out volts to split your water. you oxyhydrogren is getting shot back into your engine to increase your power, or whatever it does.... Car computer realizes that "hey the battery voltage is low I better kick on the alternator" Alternator starts recharging the batter and in doing so robs power from the engine, which you are trying to increase the power to"
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    Yep. Only time that you would get any benefit would be if you had regenerative braking. And even then you'd be better off storing the power in a battery instead of splitting water. Hydrogen powered cars are not as efficent electrics when you figure in all the power cost factors. Only advantage they have is refill time and distance per fillup.

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