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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Mar 21, 2005.

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    Hydroponics is a growing style that recirculates nutrient rich water to the plants roots. Those nutrients are fertilizer so I guess this Forum might be the right one to post this in.

    Anyone into Hydroponics?? My recent interest is for Growing LEGAL plants. Yes most people think of cannabis when the word Hydroponics comes up. Not so in this case.

    My main interest is in propagating woody ornamental and growing a finished 3 gallon sell-able plant. The finish plant would be soil grown. However I am researching a better mouse trap for growing plants. I have already done some research and plan to do more. Many of the high tech methods used in hydroponic growing maybe able to be modified for standard soil growing. Certainly additional lighting will increase production. However at the same cost is a factor. Anyone can grow plants, but at a profit margin is the big factor in commercial growing.

    Therefore are there any Hydroponic grower here at Lawnsite. I am in the process of reading "Hydroponic Food Production" by Howard Resh PhD. which I am told is the bible of Hydroponics. BTW there is a hydroponic food producer in the next county down from me who sells all his vegetable to local restaurants. However I have not been able to find him as yet.

    I am open to ALL Methods of growing and would like some informed feed back.
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    did I stir the "Legal" part of this?

    I am however reading to gain knowledge, NO I do not partake of any recreational drugs,with the exclusion of an occasional barley and hopps beverage.

  3. Ric

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    I guess you certainly didn't understand my pre-sell above about how I wasn't really interested in juvenile posts about Illegal plants. I even put the word in BOLD TYPE. But there is a jerk in every crowd.
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    Are you calling people names again ?
    You remember what happened last time you did this ?
    Are you the message board bully tonite ?
  5. tjgray

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    Nope I think that title goes to me tonight :D

    Ric I am glad you started this thread as I would be interested in learning more on this subject and hope that you can get some intelligent responses :)
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    I visited a small carribean island country called Anguilla for the last holiday season. While I was there I had an opportunity to have dinner with Dr. Resh and got a personal tour of his greenhouse. It is a truly genius piece of work. The guy has dolphins swimming in his backyard pool at his house there. You can check out his hydro greenhouse here: http://www.cuisinartresort.com/view.php?catID=25&pID=91

    I am very interested in setting up my own hydro system but have never had the time or space. Keep us posted on your progress. Dr Resh is a great person to learn from.

  7. Ric

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    Great to get some Intelligent feed back for a change here on LS. I didn't Know Dr Resh was living in the islands or that he had hydroponic product operation at present time. In Fact My quest for knowledge of Hydroponics is but a few weeks old. His Book is a standard text book used by many colleges and used or new versions can be purchased from Amazon.com. Since my initial interests was only curiosity I purchased the $ 9.95 or 1978 used 3th edition. Alot of Technology has happened since then.

    I first got interested in Hydroponic a few weeks ago when a member of this forum, posted a question on an other forum of lesser membership and more BS. Doing a Goggle I found Dr Resh to be the leading expert. However I also downloaded the "Cannabis Growers Bible" for free off the dark side of the Internet. Of COURSE I wouldn't say this on the WWW if I had any intentions of growing Cannabis. The CGB was no where as complete of information as Dr Resh book, but was a basic starting point. It at least gave me some hydroponic terminology and a overview that made Dr Resh's book more enjoyable.

    THE BUBBLER is the easiest and least expensive way to get started in Hydroponic growing. All you need is a bucket with a lid and a standard fish tank air pump and air stone. Fill the bucket so when the plant roots are placed through the lid, they just touch the top of the water. The air stone below, bubbles splash water on the roots along with the all important Oxygen. Of course a mild concentration of water soluble fertilizer is used in the water. This might be just an over simplifying the process but it is not rocket science at this point. Anyone could try this as a hobby and in fact I am now trying it myself. I did however spend $ 160.00 for a Hanna multi meter to read PMM to get my Solution concentration right.

    There are many variation on the bubbler and I heard some say a small child's swimming pool might be place in the ground for heat dissipation and a floating foam tray for the plants might work good.

    Now my main interest in all of this is to increasing production of Woody Ornamental at a economic cost factor. so I am not going to be a hydroponic purest. Nor can I be since the end product is soil grown. Like I said before, I am looking for a better mouse trap. I am looking for help in the form of information and ideas.

    MODERATOR Please delete the inappropriate post in this thread. It may just be an educational thread.
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    I would think the average person on LS would have no clue as to what HYDRO is about....I'm waiting for someone to ask how you get a mower in a hydro tray!!! :sleeping:

    They don't deserve the knowledge....let them rot.

  9. Ric

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    Since you are more than likely the most Hydroponic Knowledgeable person on LS, I am sorry you feel this way.

    Since Lawnsite has the most members of any Green Industry forum, I brought my questions here. Not that you have not already given me Great Input. It was your original Question that got me started as you already Know.
  10. Ric

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    I just re read you post and may have gone off on a tanged un justly. All I saw was "LEGAL and Drugs" and got paranoid. I am far from perfect but will stand my mistakes. Please accept my apology.

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