Hydroseed didn't germinate need advice

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ralphccs, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. ralphccs

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    I installed a new lawn last November in New England. I know it was late but I had no choice.
    I had the lawn Hydroseeded but it didn't germinate.

    Should I go back over the lawn this spring with my preparator and overseed the lawn?

  2. RigglePLC

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    I don't see what choice you have. If it was too late, a few of the seeds will probably germinate. You will have to wait until it is warm enough--nothing happens until the soil is warm. To about 50. Too cold where you are right now. Here is your soil temp, 40.
    Most hydroseeding firms like to wait until the date of green up on neighboring lawns before sowing new seed. (Possibly April 15). Possibly you can have it hydroseeded again on top of what you already have. Make sure the seed is top quality and that the germination is at least 85 percent and that this germination was tested within the last 6 months. Seed loses a few percent per month of storage. Save a sample for tests. Water new seed every day for 30 days.
  3. hotshot4819

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    We are a hydroseeding company in NH. we seed up untill snow fall. and even beyond the first snow sometimes.

    To expect germination in Nov, is crazy, and your actually lucky, that it didnt, because the very small root development would surly mean you would have a HUGE amount of winter kill.

    If the contractor that seeded your lawn is any good, they would have used a wood mulch and a heavy rate of seed, doing so would insure your soil an seed would stay in place..

    Interested in know the size of the area your talking about ....?
  4. ralphccs

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    The is approx a half acre. Needed to hydroseed to stablize the soil.

    The company that did it did use a lot of seed and wood mulch.

    The land before this had many large rocks and some trees.

    Over the winter there has been some settling.

    So my thoughts was to redress the settled areas and lighting go over the rest to loosen up the soil and then reseed with mulch.

    I didn't want to pay to have it hydroseeded again.

    Good Idea?

  5. hotshot4819

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    well, how are you going to reseed and remulch without having to pay for the hydroseed again.

    may i ask what you got charged for a half acre down in conn? its always interesting to hear the prices in other states.
  6. sweetjetskier

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    Depending on what seed bleands were used,you may not see any germination until a month from now.

    We do a ton of dormant slice seeding and every spring people call and say the new grass isn't growing, it all died.

    I have to tell them to be patient and wait,it will grow in fine,in fact they will be amazed at how it fills in by mid season.

    I have made a lot of believers using dormant seeding.
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  7. hotshot4819

    hotshot4819 LawnSite Senior Member
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    dormant seeding does work. biggest issue is the property and terrain its being done on..
    any slopes or hard packed areas and your sure to get seed runoff over the winter spring months.

    we normally go very heavy on our mulch rates to help hold everything together....

    but, yes, we have also done many great looking lawns late in the season.
  8. ralphccs

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    Since the lawn needs a light regrade/redress because of settling...Would using a preparator be counter productive..

    I was going to use a broadcast spreader to seed and also use Permamulch with a broadcast spreader.

  9. hotshot4819

    hotshot4819 LawnSite Senior Member
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    you wont beable to beat the price of hydroseeding over hand seeding and penn mulch. and counting your labor , i almost swear by that ...what did you originally pay?
  10. Superior L & L

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    I would go in and fert the hell out of it just as the ground temps start to rise

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