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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Sep 30, 2002.

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    A new customer had their yard hydroseeded....lots of weeds appeared...more weeds than grass. Big problem was a resultant in my opinion of hot weather..august and no water...water ban didnt allow water on the lawn. I put him on a fert program and have put down one application, with mixed results. Most of the weeds seem to be crabgrass and chickweed, which should die out...what else should I do?
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    dmk-you didn't specify what your first app. was, but I will assume it was a broadleaf spray. Not much you can do about the crabgrass at this point. Knock out the broadleaf weeds, aerate and overseed (if they will go for it), just try to thicken the turf as much as possible to discourage weeds next season. Make sure you get your pre-em down early, if possible try a split application. I hope this was what you were looking for.
  3. dmk395

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    Actually my first app was a straight fert 28-5-12. I was hoping more weeds would die off with the weather, and the turf would start to thicken quicker....not sure what to do next, am going to take a look at it today.
  4. First you need rain, lots of rain.

    The weeds were already there, they did not come with the seed.

    Give it a good once over with a broad leaf. And continue with your program. And just hope the seed hasn't rotted yet.
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    Definetly talk them into a power seeding and if u do it.. lay the seed on thick. Usual application is like what...7lbs. per 1000 sq ft.? Do it twice but criss cross ur application. WATER WATER WATER. We usually put down 10-10-10. And get them on a fert program for next yr.
  6. Over doing seed doesn't do jack but waste your money.

    Tall fescue is about 8#M

    Criss cross would be cross hatch meaning going 45 degress to you other passed.

    Cut your rate to just over half if slit seeding if you were to redo this lawn.

    It needs water before you can do anything. Reseeding may not be the answer.

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