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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, Jul 7, 2018.

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    Not sure if this was the best plan. I do not know what company did the seeding. This is the random lawn a few blocks from me. It was killed and then after about two weeks, it was raked and hydroseeded; this about June 18, 2018. It has been watered with hoses--however the weather has been hot for Michigan. Mid nineties have occurred several times. Frequent rains seemed to stop--the day the seed was sown. Many lawns in town are brownish now. The tallest grass blades are about 5 inches tall. I have not seen crabgrass sprouts, but purslane has appeared; some plants are about 6 inches diameter. Clearly we can see the grass is thin in this corner. The grass blades average about 2 inches apart.
    Should this job have waited until fall? Did the unknown contractor treat the unknown homeowner fairly?
    Will it eventually succeed?
    The earlier pictures are here:


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    The irony of that fire hydrant!

    That soil looks dry, dry and dry!
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    I’m guessing cool season grass seeded within the past three weeks. I know you know, but summer stresses cool season grass to the max. Without a well developed root system to store what it needs to recover from stress, it has basically no chance. Waste of time and money. If 10% survives until September, it would be a lot. At least they got some weeds to grow. o_O Anyone who charges a customer for this is stealing. To be fair, it’s possible the facts of nature were disclosed and the customer still insisted it be done. Customer donations always accepted.

    There is plenty of established cool season turf struggling for survival this time of year. New baby grass, not a chance.
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    Continuing from above discussion and photos. This lawn was killed and then hydroseeded, June 18. The homeowner is using hoses for water. There has been no mowing yet. Tallest grass is about 5 inches tall. However, the weather has been hot and dry. I did not see any crabgrass. Purslane is growing fast. What should his contractor do? Will he need to reseed?


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    To save time & money, yes, reseed. Sept., gly the weeds and start over. We are barely mid-July and the grass still needs to survive the rest of July & August.

    Any idea why they did this? To have something rather than nothing growing this Summer and then a planned Fall seeding? That would make some sense but expensive.
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    Keith: I do not know why it was done this way. I will listen to any neighbor's comments I hear.
    I agree--it would have been advisable to kill it about August first and reseed about August 15--considering there was no irrigation save for two hoses.

    Of course, rains had been frequent up until the day the new hydraulic seeding went down.
    We had about a tenth of an inch of rain on the night of July 12th. Temperature 84 F at noon.
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    We’re looking at around 0.2 ETo per day here with about an inch and a half of rain total in over a month. Established, well irrigated lawns are browning out. A new seeding, forget it. On the upside, it has made identifying even slight irrigation coverage issues very easy. :laugh:

    Established grasses will bounce back from dormancy but I’ve never had any luck letting new grass get even a little dry or hot. I’d maybe take a chance on a mostly shaded area but full sun is guaranteed crispy. Seems no matter how much it rains, the rain always stops as soon as the seed goes down. :blob2: Murphy’s law.

    84 with insignificant rain, right now not all that much different than here. I feel sorry for the guy who paid for that hydroseed. :(
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    I have been watching a random lawn a few blocks from me; it was killed. Then hydroseeded June 18, 2018. And here is the seeding; it is about a week later than the last photo. Weather is still hot and dry with a chance of rain expected. Temp 89, partly cloudy.
    Purslane is going crazy. Homeowner has got to be disappointed. He moved in to the house about 8 weeks ago.
    The good news--no sign of crabgrass.
    There is fairly good grass establishment in the shade of the tree.

    Can the purslane be sprayed?


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    We’ve been averaging 0.2 inches evapotranspiration (ET) here too for the past two weeks. We did have one good rain storm in there but It’s all I can do to keep the KBG lawn from going dormant. I’ve got 16k to water, with ¾ id hoses and big sprinklers and can still barely keep up.

    1.5/week ET is normal here during peak of summer, it’s a struggle with hoses.
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    Looks like it didn’t take well. Probably hard soil. I’d respray right over it in fall, if it was my customer.
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