hydroseed nurse tank???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Planet Landscaping, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Planet Landscaping

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    Do you guys run nurse tanks to expand coverage?? Where to get them? What kinda pump for ponds? Semi-trash 2"? Got a Finn T60 600 gal.:confused: Help me out guys
  2. sidebuz

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    Yes on the nurse tank. Run a 300 gal. machine. Nurse tank holds about 375. Stick two garden hoses in, always have water and never wasting time.

    Where to get them- anywhere that carries poly tanks. Most likely a farm store.

    With a 600 gal. machine, I probably wouldn't carry a nurse tank. Not unless you are doing big projects. But if you don't have a good water supply, then it is a good idea to carry one. My two cents...
  3. Turboguy

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    Hi Jammer,
    A nurse tank will really speed you up. You asked about pumps. A 2" semi trash will work fine. If you can't find one elsewhere, Northern Hydraulics is a good souce and inexpensive. Tanks should be available at most farm stores as Sidebuz mentioned. If you have trouble finding them try contacting Norwesco. They are about the largest and build their own tanks and also own Raven. If you were out west I would suggest you also check out Ace and a few more but Norwesco or Raven is what you will likely find. They are based in Minnesota but have about a dozen factories around the country. You should be able to find a web site for them easy enough. Good luck

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