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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by NewHorizon's Land, May 21, 2007.

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    KanAg, I will make a few comments on things you said first. The Kincaid 750 is a nice machine. I am sure you will like it.

    We have made a ton of changes since your HS-500-XPW was made. If you are going to continue to run both machines some of the changes would not be hard to upgrade on your unit. Some of the changes however would be. There are changes in the suction line and gun assembly that would let it be more flexible on material, up the mixing power about 30% and the gun changes would let you go faster that you could do two extra loads per day. The other change is that we don't use the Banjo pump anymore. That would not be so easy a change. The Triad motor that was on that unit was not the best engine Kohler ever made. It was the only thing available with that pump. We have not used Banjo pumps since not long after your unit was made and went back to the Monarchs with a pump they designed specifically for hydro seeding units. If you are going to keep using it, the upgrades would not cost much more than $ 200-300 and would not take long. PM me if you want more details.

    Brian, We don't have a 300 hybrid in our line. We can build one and the first hybrid we built was a 300 (that was actually an accident since I was not there and when I came back from a couple of shows they had built a 300 instead of a 500. We can build a 300. There just is not much cost savings and the market for 300 gallon units is not that large. I am still up in the air on keeping using my HS-300-XPW or going with the hybrid. If I do go with the hybrid it will be the 500 and my biggest hesitation is that we do get pretty hilly here and the my truck would pull the 500 OK but pulling the 300 is like there is nothing behind it and I like that with our hills. I will PM you with my phone number but it is also on our website.
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    Brian, I don't seem to have an option of PMing you. Perhaps there is a minimum number of posts before PM works. I try to just help people here and not promote my products and I am not sure they will allow me to post the phone number. I will try and if I am violating TOS I apologize but 800-822-3437.

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    Ray I have already recorded your number not sure if you can remove the post just in case it does violate policy. I will give you a call tomorrow. Have a great day and Happy Easter!!!!!

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