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  1. JRSlawn

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    I have been getting allot of request for hydroseeding. I am looking to buy a machine and am not looking to spend allot of cash. What should I look out for with adding this service. Can I get decent results out of a machine that will only do paper mulch or should I get something that will do a wood blend? I need help here. I will probably only use is 10-20 times a year. if that. HELP ME PLEASE :hammerhead:
  2. richallseasons

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    i too get requests for that service but i sub it out to a guy with the right equipment,maybe further down the road we will get into it also but the way i look at it is this-from past experience every time i bought a piece of equipment and went small because i didn't want to spend as much as for the piece i knew i really needed.I ended up spending more because i had to replace it with the right equipment after all,so now when i make a large purchase i make sure I'm getting a large enough or powerful enough model.but this is just my personal experience.
  3. Mike33

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    I just purchased one last year. I got tired of straw blowing so finally i bit the bullet. Okey, i researched for 6 months and couldnt spend the big money either. There are 2 machines mechanical agitator or jet. Buy a mechanical i have a turf maker. They have a web site search hydroseeder then go in to them. I wanted to elimanate straw so i use the 1 step method evry thing is mixed seed, lime, fert, mulch, tac and applied in 1 step. I really got my feet wet with this because i learned a new concept of seeding. There are so many additives, etc., to make a more quality lawn out there i was not aware of. I use a 70-30 wood blend mulch it will only go thru a mechical machine. The jet will only apply the paper mulch. The paper mulch is only good for appling it and the tac over the straw. I did 7 yards last fall with it and got around 98 % coverage. I have the turf maker 550 it holds 500 gal. of water then i carrry a nurse tank 500 gal. on my trailer. I didnt want to buy a truck to haul it on so i chose a 12000 gvw 18' trailer. With this system i can pump the water with the seeder from the nurse tank so i actually carry 1000 gal of water. My complete system: Seeder, nurse tank, trailer, honda port. pump, i have less than $ 15,000.00 invested. I also use my F-350 srw to pull it with and have no problem. It is something i dont feel you make a lot of money from but is a great convience, and faster. Also other contractors will start calling you. Each tank load covers about 5000 sq'. The mulch application is so important also i use an additive when it gets wet the mulch will retain the water better. You will get no weeds from this kind of mulch either. If you have a lot of money Finn is good but i could actually replace my pump 11 times for the price difference of a finn. I have 200' of 1.5" hose that i can pump a thick slurry thru. If you have any other question please feel free to contact me. bobcatservice33@yahoo.com
  4. AintNoFun

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    we purchased a finn t120 last year. but prior to that we used to rent a t60 or t90 i believe from sunbelt rentals, give them a call it was pretty reasonable to rent too...
  5. Mike33

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    how many gal. is yout FINN T120. i LOOKED AT fINN REAL CLOSE BUT couldnt justify the price difference
  6. AintNoFun

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    1200 gallon with a kubota diesel motor...
  7. Rollacosta

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    Hydro seeding has never realy took off over here for some reason.
  8. Mike33

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    Thats a nice machine.
  9. Planet Landscaping

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    Finn makes a great machine. See below :clapping:
  10. lawnkid

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    My buddy that does all my hydroseeding uses a Finn T-120 on a 2004 Chevy 7500 flatbed. It's a nice machine no doubt. He does over probably 1 million sq. ft. of hydroseeding a year between his business and mine and he swears by the thing. He also has a small T60 for small jobs but is selling it cuz he doesn't use it much. Yes the Finns are more expensive but I think they are well worth the money. The mechanical agitation is a must. Next time I'm at his shop I'll take a pic.

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