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I was just looking thru some notes on an athletic field that they bid for hydroseeding to help give you a ball park for acreage pricing. There's a notation about .07 cents per square foot.

For 80,000sf we used:
(1) bale of Conweb Enviroblend
(125) Bales of Straw per acre
(500) lbs Starter Fert. [19-19-19] per acre

I will try to find out the exact figures after the install.

Hope this helps.

Sean Gassman

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Billing is not a easy question to answer. I would need more information. What type of machine do you use? What are your specifications for the job? for example. How much mulch per 1000 sf? How much fertilizer? Type of seed? Is the area irrigated? How long does it take you to fill your machine and spray the tank? What type of overhead do you have? What type of profit do you need? How much do you pay for a bag of mulch? How much for a bag of fertilizer? etc....

This is not the same from company to company. The Hydro Turf Planters Association has a spreedsheet program, in their members area,that ask you similar questions like the ones above and at the end will tell give you a materials list, materials cost, and selling price.