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  1. grassman222

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    I was wondering if anyone owns a hydroseeder and weither they are worth adding to my business . I was looking at the Turbo turf 300 gal. model but i never ran one before so im unsure weither to spend the money to try and drum up more buisness. Well any information on any hydroseeder would be nice . which ones junk, which one is hard to work with , ect. any info Thanks :usflag: :confused:
  2. stuvecorp

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    Do you do any seeding right now? Do some searching here and check out the IAHP(hydroseed assoc.), they have some information.
  3. grassman222

    grassman222 LawnSite Member
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    i do power seeding but on some jobs you just seem like your wasteing so much time. it takes so long so i figure hydroseeding would speed something up hopefully it would speed it up alot so i can actually make somme money :)
  4. westernmdlawn

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    I recently added hydroseeding to my service offerings. I found it to be very profitable with a great deal of potential if I pursue it. Unfortunately though, I have decided to relocate to another area and as a result I plan to sell off most of my equipment. I just bought a Turbo Turf HS-500-XPW (trailer mounted) unit. It is awesome, and I can sell it pretty reasonable if you are interested. I want $6,500 for it. It comes with 200' of hose and 5 spray nozzles. It is a very low hours machine, also it is last years model. I went up to the factory in Beaver Falls and picked it up this spring. Email me if interested: brian@westernmdlandscape.com

    Hydroseeder 003.jpg

    Hydroseeder 005.jpg
  5. grassman222

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    Wow nice setup . I'm still up in the air with what i should do because i dont want to spend that kind of money and no one want to pay for the service if you know what i mean . i know around here people have cut back on lawns and landscaping because there tight on money .Talking to my fellow landscapers who ive know for many years a few of them are going out of business so lack of a better way to say it (I'm Scared) :( :eek: . Now i have another question how did you price jobs , like what did you get per square foot ?
  6. fl-landscapes

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    Dont be scared.....seperate yourself from the pack and diversify your services. In NJ you should be able to sell plenty of Hydroseeding. You'll get sub work from the landscapers who dont own one. Go for it I say.
  7. Ramairfreak98ss

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    6500 for any hydroseeder is dirt cheap lol

    i think his model there is in the 8k+ range new.

    you think that costs a lot, look at FINN stuff, i looked at one 3 yrs ago, was in the 40k range... guy even told me, if your not using this thing every day in business, its not for you... i agreed lol
  8. stuvecorp

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    At least he was honest.

    I find it funny that just about everyone runs out and buys a harley rake but whines that a hydroseeder is too expensive. If you are doing residential a jet machine will work fine.
  9. grassman222

    grassman222 LawnSite Member
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    I think thats not a bad price for the machine , i know that they are around $8,000 new. i just dont know.anymore info feel free .
  10. Turboguy

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    The pull type unit in the photo new is $ 10,695.00. That is a really good buy that someone should jump on.

    As far as the question about how to price hydro seeding it is usually priced by the sq. ft., bigger jobs by the acre of course. Prices can vary a lot. I would say in most areas about 8 cents a sq. ft. is average. Big roadside jobs may go for as low as 3 cents but for residential lawns an average lawn 8 cents, a small job may go as high as 20 or 30 cents but it is more under a minimum charge. (my minimum is $ 250) For example, yesterday I did a job a 2000 sq. ft. job at 17.5 cents a foot) Bigger jobs may be less. I price large lawns at $ 2400-2800 per acre. Others may be higher or lower but it might give you some idea.

    Stuvecorp mentioned the hydro seeding association. I would highly suggest that anyone in hydro seeding join it. It is the best $ 100.00 you will ever spend. Half my work comes from that membership. The website is hydroseeding.org

    This year there is not as much new home construction seeding as there has been in the past but there is still lots of commercial work and lots of lawn re-do's. I keep as busy as I want to be or more with the hydro seeding part of my business. One of the nice things about a smaller machine in the 300 or 500 gallon size is that a lot of the guys with big machines won't touch someone redoing their front lawn or fixing damage from something like new sewer lines being installed and those are high price and high profit jobs that only take a few minutes. That job I talked about yesterday, I was there all of 20 minutes. I charged the guy $ 350.00 and had less than $ 50 in materials.

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