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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CUSTOM CUTTS, Aug 26, 2003.


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    OK! i have just put in an order for a hydroseeder and already I am feeling uneasy about it. From what i have seen there are two types some that work great and the ones that suck. Hopefully ther is some market in this area. What would anyone reccommend as in promotion, ads and the like. i am a sole worker with about 18 res. and two apartments cmplxs. This is hopefully some thig less labor intensive, and profitable. I hope i have not made a huge mistake. Any confidence builders out there? Thanks 1st thread:eek:
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    Yea, get in contact with house builders and other contractors that tear up the ground. Housing developers made me LOTS of money. I would not even market to residential....

    If you did'nt get a Finn Hydro Seeder, use the one you got to save up for one. :)

    CUSTOM CUTTS LawnSite Member
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    hey thanks here we go, i could only afford a 300gal turbo turf and the uncertainty i have would not allow me to forkout any more money. 300EH 13hp honda electric start and 3x3 pump also bought the seed and spray package so i ca maybe get into lawn apps
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    Chuck, I just bought a T 60II Finn. Can you give me any tips??:dizzy:

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