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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RwADesigner, Jan 19, 2003.

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    thanks for the help i used 150 pounds of fescue because i thought it would spray 15000 sq ft so it got plenty of seed on it and i used the tower gun because it was a empty lot bag says 1200 to 2000 pounds per acre depending on slope this is 100 percent paper how thick should i put it on most of what i sprayed there was about an inch and if you would get larrys number that would be great and again thanks so much
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    John, one good thing is that no one will ever accuse you of skimping on materials. ;)

    As far as the thickness you should be spraying usually I just try to cover the ground with about 90% coverage. My thickness would be around 1/16". In the hottest part of summer I might go up to about 1/8"

    The area in my yard where I dump my excess material when I have stuff left after hydroseeding probably has an inch of mulch and it did grow grass so I do think another bright side is what you did will probably grow grass.

    Normally I recommend a hose but for an empty lot the tower gun would be fine. You can apply the material more evenly with a hose and a tower gun gets awful messy if you are near houses, walks and landscape features but for open areas the tower gun is fine.

    I don't like to post peoples contact info on the open forum so I will pm you with Larry's contact info. I will also give you some other info that might be helpful.

    Everything we do is a learning experience when we first start. The job will grow grass just fine and with practice you will get the coverage you should. The biggest problem with over applying as you did is that you run up your costs and it makes it hard to make a profit.

    You and I are in fairly similar climates but another thing everyone should keep in mind is that what is right for us may not be right for someone in a very different part of the country. For example someone in Arizona may need to apply a lot more mulch becuase of the heat they have to deal with but you have a good machine and you will get it all figured out and be just fine.

    I do agree with you that it will be a nice add on for your business. I use a 300 gallon jet agitated machine but find a lot of business out there and make very, very good money at it. You will do fine. Check your PM's
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    The system would not let me send you a PM, perhaps because you only have three posts but I posted the info in your "visitors messages" If you have any trouble finding it let me know.
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    hello i did another job today and i got my coverage down pretty good thanks for the help could you tell me what type of nozzel you got on your hose i get the right nozzle and will be in good shape
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    I am glad to hear you are getting everything going the way it should be.

    I use a 1" nozzle with an 80 degree fan part number 80580. That is the nozzle I use 80% of the time. For hillsides I use a 1" 25500 which is a 25 degree fan nozzle. The second gives more distance but still is about 5' in width when it hits the ground. The first one gives me a nice wide, even application and still lets me trim well if I am going near walks or walls. Hope that helps.
  6. Turboguy

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    If you have any trouble finding one you can do an internet search for

    "80580 hydroseeding nozzle" and you will find a number of sources for them.
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    We been hydroseeding for last 2 years, first year was a learning curve, now we got the mix down. We got a 500 gal turbo turb jet machine, it works good w 27 HP honda engine, but are going upgrade to a mech machine. DOT out here requires wood mulchs, and jet machine cant handle them.

    We did 28 acres this year so far, with a 500 gal machine! one job alone took 85 loads, and we did that in 7 days.

    Check this out, this machine can spray out concrete even! which is ultimate erosion control in opinion.


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