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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RwADesigner, Jan 19, 2003.

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    Time for me to jump back in. I have been gone for a few days and a lot has happened on here. I see Rick has joined us. First off in a different thread I said I would quit putting down TT so Im not going to say anything. Next I will tell you a story. I joined HTPA about two weeks after the commercial carrier delivered my machine. Looking over some previous posts I discovered some things Rick had said about jet agitiation, it made me mad at first. The more I ran my machine and watched Ricks posts I came to like this guy. And though it wont cool things down I agree with almost all he says. Though I have never personally met Rick I consider him a friend. The Good Earth dont shy away from HTPA because of Rick who knows you might be the one to lead HTPA into a new direction. One more thing I dont live in Texas and I am not the police officer who ripped someones grandmother off. I live in Arkansas and strive to do quality work and I do whatever it takes to seed SOD Quality lawns.
  2. Corby Dieu

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    OK I made a mistake on my post earlier I didnt mean to say Rick knows that The Good Earth might lead HTPA into a new direction. I meant to say Who knows? You might be the one.....
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    Rick didn't run me away from the HTPA. To the contrary, actually. If posts like this were going on over there I would more than likely still be a member. I left the HTPA because it was a joke. The boards over there were dormant for months on end. And if a post was made it seemed, more often than not, the longest part of the post was the tiles at the end of it. It was like somebody was a vice president of this, first vice president of that. Stuff like that is a real turnoff, for me at least. I surely didn't feel like paying membership dues to a group like that. There wasn't a whole lot of interaction with contractors from the midwest or northeast as well. It seemed more like a Texas club rather than a nationwide association. The only thing I got from the HTPA was a job estimating template that James Lincoln made. If I would have e-mailed Turfmaker I probably could have had the template for free.

    It was suggested that participating would be a cure for what ails over at the HTPA. Maybe I am a little old school but I believe that if you are the last in the door you should allow those ahead of you to speak first, especially if they are letting you know out front that they are in charge. Heck, I have less than 100 posts on Lawnsite.com and I have been hitting this board since it was the Hall of Forums. I just don't do alot of blabbing but I will when I feel the time is right.
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    Thanks for defending me Corby. I'm not going to answer The Good Earth. I got this thing off to a wrong start, I should be the one to tone it down. I've read a lot of The Good Earth's previous posts and he seems to be a real nice guy when he's not pissed off at me. But you're right, the HTPA could use his knowledge and imput.

    Turboguy, I didn't say you threw a personal insult at me. I said you were over stating a few things you said. And I didn't say your salesman said something about me to one of my customers. It was someone who was interested in one of your machines that told me of some comments the guy said.

    I'm not going to reply to point by point here as I said I would. That would just inflame the situation more. This thing could keep going for a long time, but it would be way to distracting for everyone. The only way to stop it is to just stop. It's time for all of us to get back to the business of being in business.

    As I said before, I fully intend to tone down my rhetoric about plastic machines and specifically about Turbo Turf. That doesn't mean I'm going to go away. I'm just going to do my best to not say anything that could be interpeted as being inflamitory.

    Ray, if you are interested in finding out what I would have said, I'll be happy to tell you by private email. But better yet, meybe we could meet and clear the air privately, in person.

    February would be fine, but are you planning to go to the Southern California Turfgrass Council Show in Pomona next week? I'd be happy to meet with you there, or here in Phoenix. Rick
  5. muddstopper

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    Well Its looks like this is about to turn into a muddslinging contest so I am going to gracefull bow out but, before I do I feel an apology is in order to corby. I misread an earlier post and was putin 2 and 2 together and came up with 5 instead of 4. I think I said earlier that I wasnt even sure if this was the same person and evendently it is not. I apoligise to corby for my mistake.
    WhySod. I appreciate the info that we have shared, even tho we dont agree on everything, I think we are now in a better position to understand each other.
    As for Turboturf, I dont have one of their machines but, If their machines have the same business ethics that Ray Badger seems to have then they would be very good machines. I have looked at numerious manufactures of machines, I have climbed in them and over them and talked to the manufactures in person. I have met people that I absolutly wouldnt buy anything from, just because of the way they badmouthed other companies. Their only interest seems to be in selling their products and they are willing to say whatevery it takes to make a sale. Ray has never did that with me, if I hadnot already purchased a machine before I met him, I would probably own a Turboturf machine now.

    This is my last post on this subject unless someone else starts another thread. I will continue to offer up any suggestion I can if I think I can help someone. I dont know all the answers but, I believe that through positive comunication we can help each other become better hydroseeders and maybe even better people.
    Lawnsite. I noticed that you deleted a link I had posted earlier, Sorry, I wasnt thinking when I posted it, In the heat of the discussion It never occured to me that posting links was prohibited.
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    Mudstopper, thanks. There's no good purpose that would be served by continuing this. It could go on and on, and on, and nothing good would come out of it. I'd rather be friends with you guys than enemies. What works in one part of the country isn't necessarily what works in another part of the country.

    I said I'm going to stop saying negative things about Turbo Turf and I meant it. I've met Ray, I think he's a nice guy, and believe he's very sincere. I'm looking forward to talking to him in person and finding some common ground. He and I will probably always have differences of opinion about application rates, mulch, etc. (at least in places like Phoenix), but hopefully, we'll come to a point where if we can't agree, at least we'll agree to disagree with no hard feelings. Ray, please email me and let me know when you plan to be on this side of the Country. Rick
  7. Turboguy

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    Hi Rick,

    Hopefully we can put this topic aside and help people with their problems and questions.

    I hear the Pamona show is a good one. We are a little shorthanded on our show staff right now with my son being in Iraq. It is on our list of shows we are interested in adding when we can. Last year a lot of the shows were in Vegas. This year they all moved east. My next trip west will be for the golf course show which is in San Diego on Feb 12 - 14th. My plans are to drive and to take the stuff for our display. I would be happy to meet with you on that trip. I would be happy to bring a unit with me that we can run and we can go out hydroseeding if you would like. It would give you a chance to see first hand what our units will and won't do. If you would prefer just to meet that is fine too. It would save me dragging a trailer cross country. I would be happy to buy you and the Mrs dinner. If something comes up that I am making a trip that way sooner, I will let you know.
  8. Turboguy

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    Hi Corby,

    I am sorry to hear that you have either had problems or are not happy with your purchase of one of our units. I would like to know more. It sounds like there may be more info in some posts somewhere here but I did not see those. I guess I could search for them.

    I know that you bought a used HS-300-E with a 13 H.P. Briggs in April. I know we shipped it to you rather than deleiver it because we could get it to you faster. No one ever mentioned to me that you had called with problems or complaints. That does not mean that you did not call 20 times a day for months. Just no one told me. Even if they didn't that does not mean that we don't take any problems you have had seriously. If you think you would be happier with a mechanically agitated unit I would be happy to take your unit back on trade on one of our "Blue Series" units and give you 100% of what you paid. The Blue series units are actually a Kincade unit with our name on. We actually sell them for a bit less than Kincade.

    I would really like it if you would give me a call and fill me in on some of the details. I would be happy to call you if you prefer. I am sure you have the office number but just in case it is 800-822-3437 Wednesday and Thursday I won't be around too much. I have some really big hydroseeding jobs. After that I should be in the office a lot.
  9. GreginAlaska

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    Hey Ray, has anybody ever tried using air pressure
    to help a jet agitated machine mix up quicker?
    I wonder if that would work?

    All this discussion has me reconsidering a jet machine, it might
    be just the ticket up here were you don't need much mulch and
    the paper stuff is just fine on flat ground. Most of our lawns are

    It might be a good thing since my wife isn't real keen on cleaning
    out the machine when she has been hydroseeding until 11 pm
    and wants to go to bed. (I always do it when I'm home) As long
    as you flush the pump and the jets it's not a big deal to leave
    material sitting over night in the tank, is it?
  10. Turboguy

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    Hi Greg,
    I never heard of anyone using air to mix. I really can't talk about my machines here since lawnsite does not want people using this forum to sell their products which is only fair. I am sure we will get a chace to talk about this some time and somewhere.

    The good earth from Ohio asked me to start a discussion about ice control sprayers and the same thing applies. I would like to let "The good earth" know that LawnSite has a sister site located at www.plowsite.com this site is devoted to the Snow removal industry and like everything Sean Adams does, it is a great site. There are some discussions there about Ice control stuff that may help you a little.

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