Hydroseeding Question.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by greenscapes inc., Jul 6, 2006.

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    I have just purchased a new hydroseeder and I have a question about fertilizers. I was wondering if it helps to use a fertilizer with pre-emergent with the mix? Would this help keep the weeds out or is it a waist of money. Also I am finding that about 8 to 10 cents a sq foot is about average, does that sound right? Thanks for your help.
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    due not use a pre-emergent, use only starter fert
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    I use 18-24-12 starter, it has a 50% release and i apply 8-10 per k. However your area maybe different. I have had my seeder 1 year to date and have done around 50 yards for my self and other contactors. Im not sure what you meant by the fert. you were using. I have had great results getting high as 98% coverage first time. This fert. stays and lawn stays greener longer than i have seen from any thing else. many new lawns come up with the yellow cast meaning all the fertlizer is gone. I get around 7 cents in my area which for the area is pretty good.
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