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    can you hydro over a lawn or does it have to be direct contact with soil. if so will you get the same results. i think this is the right forum for this question thanks
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    The better your preparation, the better your results. Anything you do to improve seed contact with the soil will improve germination. Additionally, fertilizer in the mix will also increase your chances of success.
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    I have done a ton of overseeding and spot repair with a hydroseeding unit and have always had good results. I do try to do it in the spring and fall when the ground is soft.

    You may want to dethatch the lawn first and even though I usually don't scratching the surface a little won't hurt. Run a thinner mix than usual so it does not hang up in the grass too much and if it does hang up in the grass have them water as quickly as possible when you are done which will wash most of the mulch and seed to the soil but usually it won't hang up that much.

    Another option would be to seed and mulch separately. I have done it a time or two just because it is faster. Apply the seed first with a spin spreader then hydroseed over it. If anything hangs up on the grass it will just be some mulch and you will have great seed to soil contact. Hope that helps a bit.

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