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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by rmartin, Aug 18, 2004.

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    I subbed out a hydroseeding job this June for a job i was doing. The yard came out nice except for a few large areas. I have tried to contact the other company but he wont return any of my calls. What would you do. the customer keeps asking me to repair the spots. I know that most seeding companies will not guarantee their work for various reasons. Should i just tell the customer to wait a few weeks and I will over seed it for him for just the cost of the seed???
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    yhat's a hard one , because you are in the middle , and thats a bad place to be. On one side though to maybe help out we don't guarantee any seeding , Unless they have permanant irrigation ,unless the guide I give them is followed to a T( and I do weekly checks on my jobs after they are done to note progress), but under almost no circumstances do we guarantee seeding done from mid june to the end of august. Usually its so hot and dry here that its to guarantee anything so we try and put them off a month or so.BUT the customer is made well aware of all of these facts before work begins and they sign a contract also. hope it works out.
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    Hey Edge,
    Still no luck finding someone in central mass. huh? I will do it for you but if you email me the particulars I would appreciate it.


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