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    I have been doing some research on hydroseeding and I am thinking about adding it to my business. I have not seen many people in my area doing it and with all the new construction/erosion control it looks like a good idea if I can work it out. Any advice on equipment? Good/bad brands? Pricing looks like 5 - 18 cents per sq ft? Help me decide if it is worth the pain! I know nothing about doing this so any advice will be great.
  2. Landrus2

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    If you do a lot of installations is very worth it. other wise it just going to sit in your garage:drinkup:
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    Like what was said above if you do a lot of hydro installs and I do mean a lot of installs then go for it but if you don't, don't waste your money. The initial investment is very substantial so make sure there is a strong market for your service.
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    You could always rent one. You could offer the service, and then see if it makes sense to buy one. I rent my aerator, and it works out well. I'm a small LCO, and renting is a great option for me. The going rate for a small 250 gallon skid hydro seeder is 150 bucks/day. Don't know how much the big trailer units run though. For my installs, which are on small properties, I like using Futerra rolls as a moisture-weed seed barrier. Great for 2 k front yards and smaller.
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    i rent a 1000 gallon finn for 150 a day if i buy the supplies from them or 200 a day if i only rent the machine. to me its not worth buying the machine if you dont run it every day. i love doing it, its easy work that i make a nice buck on.

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