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  1. jay warner

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    I have a decent sized lawn care company and build a few residential spec homes a year. I'm looking to save a few bucks on the sod cost for the few specs I do. No other Hydroseeders exist in my area, so maybe I could pick up some other contractors if they like what they see. My problem is what machine to use? I have a Easy Lawn rep about an hour away but that is a jet machine. Can I grow decent lawns in SC with paper mulch? I want to spend about $4000 on a unit maybe a few dollars more. I'd appreciate any feedback.
  2. Lanelle

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    Several have expressed opinions about this debate in the past. It might be worth your going through the Search feature to find the discussions. Seems like it is a combination of a good machine and good dealer support. The other factor is buying the correct size machine. There is little benefit to buying a huge machine that will be mostly used on residential lawns. Having the hydroseeder on a trailer is a good set up. No sense in tying up a truck for one type of work. I have used Reinco and Finn and prefer the Finn. It doesn't take much to clog up a jet.
  3. Green With Envy LLc.

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    We use Turbo Turf equipment and clogging has not been a problem... We use a 80-20 paper/wood mulch.
    We plan on buying a larger turbo unit this year.

    Good luck !!!
  4. P. Baxter

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    We run a Easy Lawn 60 series, I spent the least amount of money possiable for one job. Turned out to be a decent machine only has 9hp motor a little on the low side, usally will plug up one hoe running 80/20 wood paper mulch. Easy to unplug, easy to run and grows good grass. I wound up keeping it for other jobs that came up, and will us it again this year. Just make sure you get one with enough power to push the mix thru the tub. I have runn Finn before and do think its a better machine, but you better have extra cash around. Need more info let me know.:p

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