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    Anyone use this process? Are the results good? If so, what is the average price for seeding? Is it done by Sq. foot? Anyone in Central Florida do it?

    Thanks Alan
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    Yes ...I do

    The results are great but as with any seeding water and soil conditions are important.

    I charge .10 per sq. ft. here in CT
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    Alan, I think you will find a big range in prices people charge for hydroseeding. Anywhere from 6 cents a ft to 20 cents a foot. I would say 10 - 12 cents is pretty typical. Usually I will go up on a small job and may come down on a very large job or may drop a penny if I am doing work for another landscaper or a home builder where there will likely be repeat business.

    Some of the factors I look at in pricing a job are distance (particularly now with the high price of gas) and most importantly water supply since I usually have to refill.

    Hydroseeding has been getting pretty popular in Florida. If you go to the hydroseeding association website www.hydroseeding.org and click on the upper right link where it says "find a hydroseeder in your area" then follow the links to the Florida listings you can see who some of the hydroseeders down there are. If you do get into it joining the IAHP is very worthwhile. Read my comments in the other hydroseeding thread.

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