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  1. SWR11

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    Hey Guys,

    How much is this worth?
    A 1988 Bowie Hydro mulcher that is in excellent condition with a brand new paint job. It is a 800 gallon machine w/a 100 gallon flush system,rebuilt pump, gear pump, electric hose wind up, top cannon, and powered by a 4cyl winsconsin engine. It only has two thousand hours. Thanks for your input.

  2. sbecker25

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    skid, trailer or goosneck??
  3. SWR11

    SWR11 LawnSite Member
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    Tandem Axle Trailer with pindle hitch.
    Does anyone have a value for this machine??



    It is work probobly 2,000-5,000

    I would pay 2,000 for it aroun January 2004.

    Otherwise I will be buying a Turbo Turf Hydroseeder.
    100 gal $2,000 1,300 sq. ft coverage.

    Will have to refill 3+ times each job
    but will do

    Hopefully will pay for the unit the first yr.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    we have this machine, older 1976 model. I paid $1000 for mine and paid another 1500 or so to rebuild the engine, carburator, pump, replace the top and chains. it gets a rhino liner next job, hose reel and clean out tank job after that. mine has no turret, I'd say yours is worth 3-8000, depending on rust, tires, inside of tank, etc. I have seen several in the equipment trailer, a magazine with photo ads sometimes sold near the truck trader or auto trader magazines. they average 4-8000. good luck.

    you should also know that the Victor 800 actually has a capacity of 950 gallons.

    Dave g
  6. Sean Gassman

    Sean Gassman LawnSite Member
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    I agree with David. Depending on the rust and if it was sandblasted before the painting I would guess around here you would get about $7K-$9K .
  7. SWR11

    SWR11 LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys for your input

    It has no rust on the outside, but there is a little spot 1" that need to be looked at. It still has the factory coating inside.

    Hey Dave what's a turret

    Thanks again
  8. Sean Gassman

    Sean Gassman LawnSite Member
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    Are you trying to sale this machine or buy?

    Also, a turret is the gun on the top that allows you to spray standing on the machine.
  9. SWR11

    SWR11 LawnSite Member
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    Hey Sean

    It does have a turret gun on the deck. I am pondering selling the machine. I was thinking on purchasing a turbo jet machine. Alot less maintance.


    What do you think Guys
    It takes quite abit of square feet to fire up my machine

    Thanks again

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