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ok fellas, recently purchased 300 gal, seeder and my first job is a 48000 sq ft home backyard. leveled, graded and sprayed with round up appx 22 days ago. will be scraped and tilled today to begin spraying tomorrow. the prep was subbed out. the cust wanted to seed zoysia but was told that it would not come up and may not want to risk the cost to come up in the spring.. so he has decided to seed annual rye grass and then seed zoysia next spring. question what sould be the rate of app. of mulch, seed and fertilizer this is my first time even starting it up but my calculationsare as follows. bear with me if i am way off

mulch appx. 48 40# bags of jet spray mulch = 1200lbs/acre?
seed apprx 20# seed per tank
starter fert ?? also the customer has agreed to a rate of .08/ft

how off am i, any comments, help or criticizims are appreciated

also there is no slope
thanks B.CRMR:dizzy: :dizzy:
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