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  1. BFreiburger

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    I am going to start Hydroseeding this year. And I would like some imput as to what others are using. I am looking at a Finn T60II, Easy Lawn L65 or Turbo Turf HS500-ZX.

    Does anybody currently use any of these models? I am looking for comments both good and not so. It is kind of hard to demo these in the middle of Winter. And I what to have equipment in place by mid March.

    Thank you for all you help.
  2. Indiana

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    I have a 1987 Finn T-50 (same as a T-60) with the exception of mine has a Kubota 3 cyl deisel.

    I really like it except that my truck is not 4 WD. I pull it with 1 97 Chevy 3500 2WD 350.

    The seeder weighs about 3300 lbs empty. 8900 full

    CONS are the Finn is mighty proud of their parts. Expect to really pay for things later. I got a clutch for mine 1 1/2 yrs ago and paid $680 for it. OUCH! It is small enough to hold ijn the palms of both hands.

    Look into James Lincolns TURFMAKER before you buy. Be learry of jet agitated machines. Their cheap. Alot of guys use them, some have good success others hate them.
  3. Alan

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    I built my own, patterned after the Turbo Turf machines. If I was going to buy a commercial machine I'd go with the Turbo Turf with the highest output pump available in a given size.
  4. Skookum

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    I too would look closely at the Turbo Turf machines at http://www.turboturf.com I seen them at the Green Industry Expo. They have many sizes available at very good prices. I do not do Hydro seeding at this time, but I have looked at those prices and Turbo Turf seems to have set the industy on it's ear with thier prices. They even have the industy's only continuous no stopping system, if you would have a need for such a big capacity.
  5. MLI

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    from Ma
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    Indiana...How do you like your machine? I
    was looking into buying a T-50 that was a 1988
    model, with a gas engine for $8000. I wasnt sure
    how reliable these machines were after many years
    of usage. How many sq. ft. can you spray with
    your model? Thanks for any info in advance.
  6. jkinchla

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    I hydroseed about 1 million square feet a year with a AquaMulcher 400, a machine that is 400 gallons in size, mechanically agitated, and priced new at about $10,000? It is a nice setup, although after awhile the 400 gal. size is limiting. But I would highly recommend it over a Finn, which seems to be high priced. I have never had a mechanical problem with my machine, and it is very easy to maintain. Also, the folks who build it are quite easy to call and get advice from. I talked to the owner of the company once for over an hour!

    However, you definitely cannot go wrong with the Finn or even the Bowie. I don't know much about the James Lincoln, but they do seem nice. Definitely stick with the mechanical agitation (paddles) because you can use much better mulch in those machines, and this makes a huge difference in results!
  7. MLI

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    from Ma
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    Jkinchla......Where is AquaMulcher located in Ma?
    I did a search but couldnt find the web page. Also
    is the machine you have trailer mounted, or skid?
  8. jkinchla

    jkinchla LawnSite Member
    from MA
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    They are out of Ohio, and my unit is skid that I put on a 16' landscape trailer. That way you can place mulch, seed, etc on the trailer along with hose and a trash pump. Aquamulcher can be phoned at 513-825-5444, and the machine is built by TGMI, Inc.
  9. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
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    The T-50 Finn I have is very reliable. I seed alot in the Spring and Fall. Some during the summer.

    I recently painted and changed all the fluids this past week. That is all I have had to do during 2000. In 1999, I rebuilt the motor and put a new clutch on it.

    I was thinking of selling it and buying a smaller seeder like the TURFMAKER. I have pictures that I could email. I want $7500 for it.

  10. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
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    I forgot to mention. I can seed 6500-7000 square feet with a load.


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