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  1. bigviclbi

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    Hi I am looking for info. on hydroseeding. I would like to offer it and it doesn't look like brain science. I would only do yards maybe an acre at the most. WhaT equipment/ know how do I need and is there a website any of you know that could show me how to do it. thanks!
  2. D Felix

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    Try doing a search. I know hydroseeding has come up here before, but I don't remember what all was discussed.

  3. chevyryan01

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    I own/operate a large erosion control company but use a hydroseeder I have had for about 15 years for some jobs where it's spec'd. It has it's place, but a seed drill is hard to beat. The terraseeding with the express blower truck works awesome too but is a little pricing. The hydroseeding is slow to come around with germination and it has to be watered very much in the beginning and you need a good soil to work with... Lots to it, not as easy as it looks to make it work, callbacks get very expensive in this area.

    Just my $.02 and get at me if you have any more questions...

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    First of all, if you don't have any basic soil science knowledge or turfgrass selection information, I don't care what you use to seed a lawn, it's not going to work. People think hydroseeding is a quick entry service, and you spray and go and forget about the client.Not so..we use a process each time, using top line chemicals and additives to get the best stand of grass for each specific site we seed. If you are in a market where there are alot of hydroseeding contractors, you will more than likely have a hard time getting established. I have heard of some areas with prices as low as .03-.04 per square foot..If you don't have the market, it is a hard sell to many people. The cost effectiveness and quick establishment of hydraulically applied seed is an eyecatcher to general builders and developers. Most of our work comes from new construction and erosion control for code enforcement at construction sites. We do our share of residential spraying as well, but more commercial than anything. It takes the same prep work to hydroseed as it does to prepare for any other type of seeding. You can't just spray it on the ground and get grass. It takes customer training and education for care and watering of hydro turf.Many are under the assumption of not having to water and care for it b/c of the process in which it was applied. So, if you are knowledgeable about turf and soil conditions, ready to educate your clients about the care and process, spend $$ on advertising to reach the right market, and spend $$$ on new machines,sure, I say go for it.
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    sorry impact i understand that everyone is a professional here and that doing something is different than doing it right. There is alot of new resedential near me and they are using hydroseed where they used to use sod. when i said not brainscience i only meant that i think i could learn how to do it by reading up on the subject alot, just like i taught myself how to do alot of things. thanks for the info, around here an average is about .10 a sq. ft.
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    we got into it this year and actually did quite a bit of hydroseeding. we picked up a used 3000 gallon reinco jet agitated machine. took us awhile to figure out what mixture worked best for us. now that we have it down packed its a great thing to have. we have had great success with germination and only had to return to a few jobs to get it establish again.
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    You might find some good info at the site of the hydroseeding association. The association is the International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals and the web site is www.hydroseeding.org
  8. bigviclbi

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    from nj
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  9. impactlandscaping

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    Didn't mean to come off harsh :D There is a growing need for reputable hydroseed companies across the USA..Sell yourself on service, not on price. In a market with lots of companies, you will probably all be within a few cents of each other...You need to make your service stick out above the others. There is tons of info on the net, and many good publications available form the IAHP.Most importantly:--->The EPA is really starting to tighten restrictions and hand out fines to builders and developers who are lax in proper erosion / wastewater management. If you can get set up with a few builders, and sell the service of total erosion / seeding to them, you will be busier than you want to be payup ..Slowly expand into eco mats ,coir wattles, basin pads and any other BMP you can think of. It pays to sell your service to builders in terms of "do it right the first time, and do it well" philosophy. The EPA isn't too forgiving for offenses involving poorly installed mats and silt fences, either. They can pay a little now, or a LOT later, including complete shutdown of their site ,involving all contractors on site, until they are in compliance with storm water and erosion management. I'll be happy to share any tips or info via PM or phone call, at least for the next 4-5 weeks :p

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