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    I was wondering fi someone could help me out. I am looking at getting a Hydro Walkbehind 54" 17hp and was wondering about what they cost? Are the controls hard to get used too? Any pros or cons? Thanks all
  2. mowerconsultant

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    The 17/54 lists for 5895.00
    Your dealer should be a litlle below this price.
    The controls are the easiest to get used to, and the best for your hands.
    You will be running this unit like a pro in a matter of minutes, and never go back to pistol grips.

    Hope this helps
  3. Doc Pete

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    I've got both the 48 and 54 WB machines. The 54 actually cuts better than the 48 because of the tip speed. I really shouldn't be answering your question because I love my machines more than my wife. Just kidding. All Hustler WB's are "'without argument" the best WB's money can buy. Every part of a Hustler is just plain better, stronger, simpler or easier to use, than any other WB. The steering on the Hustler is simpler and easier than any other machine. Hustler's design links both pumps together, so if needed, "all mowing control" can done with just one hand. Furthermore, linking the pumps together, gives automatic straight tracking and perfect zero turns, and with just one hand. And, since the machine tracks straight, mowing backwards is as naturally as can be, since it also tracks straight backwards, too.
    Coupling the 54 with a zero turn velky as I have done, gives the versatility of an "out front" rider, the maneuverability of a "Wright Stander", plus the ease and cost of a Walkbehind If you keep the machine as a true WB, just run it forever. If you decide to start riding with a velky, I'd be glad to offer the small changes I made to mine to make it perfect. Right now I've got over 700 hours between the two machines, and they still look like new, with absolutely no problems
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    Hey Pete,

    I currently run a Lazer Z HP and a Toro 36" belt drive wb. I'm replacing both soon, so I've researched for hours and looked at the features of all the mowers, and so far the Hustler wb is the only one that seems to have all my requirements met. I'm curious, what brand of zero turn velke do you use, and when using it is it comfortable to step off when needed and walk behind it while it's attached? I use a single wheel wright Velke and it's not the best, but you can walk beside it when required.
  5. Doc Pete

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    I've heard a lot about this "stepping off" thing. Basically, I don't/have to do that. Since the Hustler/velky combo is exactly like a "Stander", or 3 wheeler (take your pick, since it's like both) would you ever need to "step off" one of those:p??
    I have a Bullrider, which seems to be very well/strong built. The bullrider in combination with the Hustler will open a new type of mowing for you. Because the Hustler's system links the pumps together, unlike a ZTR or any other twinstick/grip WB, when want to go frontward or backward, the machine will go perfect straight, by just twisting the H bar. There's no "manually adjusting" the grip/levers to get the machine to go straight, This is only one of the Hustler strong points.
  6. brucec32

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    Well, I drove out to the dealer today. A LONG HAUL and heavy traffic all the way, unfortunately. And when I got there they had tons of scags on the floor and NO Hustler wb's at all, plus they sold a lot of recreational stuff too, so I turned and left. A combination of the distance and my perception that Hustlers get short shrift there made my decision for me. I'll wait till they get a dealer closer by. Even a small repair would be a disaster in terms of lost work time if I had to drive the unit to that dealer.

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