Hydyraulic Lifters Good/Bad

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ed2hess, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I am doing a valve job on a Kohler CV15T Spec 41579. I decided at the last minute to change out lifters but they only had one. When I pulled my lifters and tried to push down on them they were rock solid. The new lifter could easily be pushed down with the connection rod. So I assumed the new one needed oil so I put it in a can of oil and push it up/down 50 times took it out and it went up/down fine. I took the old one apart and sure enough there was oil in the bottom under the plunger. I poured it out and put it together and lifter worked fine. I put it in a glass of oil and 1 hr later it was rock solid again. Can I assume that the hydraulic lifters are bad. There is no adjustment on this Kohler...single cylinder. Kinda hard to believe 2 of them are bad.
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    They are not bad what makes you think they are bad:drinkup:
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    They are most likely not bad, Did you leave the new ones to soak in oil for a hour ?

    I'll bet you start this engine up and let it run for only a minute then take the lifters back out you will find them rock hard as well.

    Here is a little bit of info on lifters that may help you to understand their operation.


    One other thing, After soaking new lifters make sure the piston is at the bottom of the cylinder before tightening and torquing the rocker arms.

    With the lifters full/hard the rocker arm will push the valve open while tightening, If the piston is at TDC the valve could hit the piston and bend the push rods.

    I let all engines sit for 20/30 minutes after installing new lifters to make sure they bleed down enough so not to put the valve into the piston on start-up and possibly bending a push rod.
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    I had almost come to the conclusion that these lifters were okay....but stupid me I didn't soak the new one to see how it reacts. I am still studying the information. I wonder how to tell if these things are working, obviously if they are noisy that would be a failure. Mine are not noisy, I was doing preventative by installing new ones. Thanks for heads up on how to install them w/o risking bending the valves, I was going to put the piston at TDC.
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    I soaked the new lifter in oil over nite and it did not become solid it was spongy. And one of the two old ones that was solid was spongy after leaving it lay on the bench over nite.

    The reason I am doing a valve job is because this unit won't hardly start on first start of the day without ether. The rest of the day it is okay(1000+ hrs on this unit). So I wanted to be sure the valves are clean and seating. Then I got to thinking that if the lifter wasn't oiling up properly in the morning maybe that was the reason for the early morning start problem. And since they only cost $9 I was going to replace them but shop only had one. I am waiting for ordered part.
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    since kohler had so many problems with the lifters i woud replace them.they are cheap and you wont have to second guess it.you KNOW they are good. just my $.02
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    I don't fool with no Kohler lifters or valves or any part of that system... Their valves are both auto and self adjusting, one reason the Kohlers like to tick-tick-tick when you first start them, doesn't mean anything is wrong with it, whether that's in the valves or the lifters or the rocker assembly I don't know but I do know all Kohlers tick at times when first starting.
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    In not every case will a lifter completely fill to the point of being rock hard from soaking alone, Air can still be trapped inside.

    Once the lifter has been installed into any engine, On initial start-up the oil PRESSURE from the oil pump fills the lifter pushing ALL trapped air out.

    This quote sill stands;


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