hypodermic needle in black kow

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GrassMasterNC, Oct 3, 2005.

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    just finished a 40 pallet sod and 30 cu yd mulch install this weekend with plants, shrubs, trees installed as well. As I was scooping the black kow with my hands from the wheelbarrow to pack around the azaleas, I decided it would be faster to just use a shovel....2 scoops with my hands, then got up to get the shovel and returned to see something shiny in the pile....picked it up and I'll be damned if it wasn't a hypodermic needle....anybody ever find anything like this in packaged and sealed bags of soil amendments, etc? Just curious....sure, I had gloves on, but a needle would have pierced right through...that would have made for a bad day...

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    If it went completely through the manufacturing process it was most likely sterilized in the process. Freaky thing though. Once found a couple of hypos in a backflow enclosure. Since I'm in the irigation field and work for a government agency I had to call a manager who had to put on latex gloves, pick them up with special tongs and place them in a biohazard bag for disposal. A little overkill but that's the procedure.
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    school kids shooting up and dropping them in valve boxes? and I thought spiders were bad.


    I used to work in retail, I've found a few needles in the bathroom trash cans when emptying them.
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    You WOULD have to mention spiders. Friday I was in a valve box that I knew had a black widow (eggs and web) but the actuator was up high where I could get to it. About the time I started to actuate the valve my partner yells, "Widow!" and I jump my hand back as he's laughing his ass off.

    Today I had to check the program on a controller that's located inside a security box. Open the outer door and there's a big BW just sitting on its web. I calmly go back to the truck, get the insect spray and bomb it enough to kill it and six future generations. :p

    Not that I'm overly afraid of them but when I was in HS my buddy got bit by one and his arm painfully swelled up for a week. Thatimage has never left me. What I hate worse are damn piss ants; those black/red small ants that bite/sting and leave welts on my arms. I bomb them with primer! :cool2:

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