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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GSO LAWNEN4CER, Jan 7, 2013.

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    The daughter doesn't have a clue as to what you did or did not do... The lady of the house may have noticed all the labor that went into it... you didn't give a ball park figure, evidently so now you're stuck with her aftershock...

    I would let her know that it was definately a fair price, that you are one who WORKS for his money and you have in NO WAY ripped her off, and you are disappointed that she would STEAL a paycheck from a working man... She sounds like a Democrat... walk away and use her name in all future estimates... :)
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    Always give a actual price estimate even if its a range. If your not sure say I bill out at 30/hr and this might take 10-15 hrs.

    I'm a solo also and would never take a 2 day job without giving a number! Probably would say no from start since that's too big of a job for me even with a walker, backpack blower, and tarps.

    Maybe before and after pics on jobs like this?
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    How long have you been in this business? It seems to me you should have been able to come up with a figure of how long it would take you to do the job. By telling the customer that it will take around so many hours at so much per hour would have told the customer that it was going to be alot more than the $30.00 she had in her mind. I say it is your fault for not being specific enough!
  4. Roger

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    Can we presume this event did not happen? The title is "hypothetical," which means the situation has been framed as something that could happen, but did not. If it did happen as stated, then it is not "hypothetical," rather reality.

    If it was reality, then the last comment was on target, "... it is your fault for not being specific enough." No, you may not know exactly the time and cost the customer will be charged, but you should be able to provide a range, and get an approval for the range. The $30 and $400 is a huge gap. If a range of prices, with a minimum was given, then you and the customer had common expectations. Without having given even a range of prices, the expectations of a final cost was not even established.
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    This is how it is done right. ^
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    To the op what kind of equipment were you using? Did you have a truck with a loader, tarp or did the leaves stay on the property, how big of a yard? Maybe I missed it.
  7. pseudosun

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    I don't know everything, and probably not as much as most people here, BUT taking on a large job like that by the hour would make me very worried about pay time. I'd do my best to give an estimate. I've done it enough times to visualize the job. If it turned out to be a little low, atleast they wouldn't stop payment on the check. How much is your time spent fighting to get your money worth? I've done a couple of those recently, and they jumped at my price. They thought it would take me so much longer. I wrapped up two huge tarps, and ran my mower, done. I'm not comfortable with hourly pay at all. On that same street, i gave a man a price, and he said "well, i want to see how long it will take you." I walked. Having said all of this, i think your customer has no idea about the amount of work you did. You have to deal with them on their level, and that is "bottom line". "How much is this going to cost me?"
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    Maybe you could use your own advice in this "hypothetical situation?"

    According to you here is how to give an estimate. :waving:
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    Not to bust anyones bubble but customers percieve 40$ per hour to clean leaves is a ripoff. Emergency Room Docs only make 50$ to 60$ per hour.

    I would never price something by the hour unless I know the people real well.
  10. pseudosun

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    I think hourly pay works against you. Let's say you've become really efficient and finally have top notch equipment. You're able to do a large amount of work in a small amount of time. Customers imagine a job will take alot longer than what it will be. If you know how to price, you can get them to commit to a figure for the whole job. If you do it really quick (alot less time than what they thought); that's just tough for them. You already have an agreement. I can see how a jacked up rate may help you. To me, it seems like if i do a job quickly, i'm going to get paid less. I'm not saying my way is right; it's just right for me. I think a price in the beginning also protects the customer. What if a worker decides to drag ass, and then bill the customer for it?

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