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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GSO LAWNEN4CER, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Snapper Jack

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    Go to the local sheriffs office or the magistrate to take legal action against them for canceling the check for work services rendered,it will get resolved.

    GSO LAWNEN4CER LawnSite Senior Member
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    We guys go it all ironed out today.Talked with the daughter this AM. She's gonna break the bill up into two payments.One mailed this AM and the other next week. She handles her mother finances because her mother is in the early stages of dementia,and gets confused. So it worked out pretty well. And she did say the property looks a ton better than it did.

    When she called I took the approach of its a easy fix,no need to get nasty about the situation. So I asked her what would be the best for her at this time.Kinda putting the ball in her court. She said I'll mail you a check today,and the rest next week. I told her that will work.
  3. Will P.C.

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    Famous last words "the check will be in the mail tomorrow"

    Just keep an eye out as many people say this with no intention of paying

    GSO LAWNEN4CER LawnSite Senior Member
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    I still have the $500 check just in case I need proof that work was done.When the final check clears,I'll shredd the check.
  5. pseudosun

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    I'm familiar with customers with dementia. I lost a customer because he said that he paid me, and i had to tell him that he didn't. I really thought the wife would understand what was going on, but she automatically took his side, and told me to leave.
  6. herler

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    Wrong answer.
    You need to have agreed on a total before you started.

    You screwed up, of course they thought it was going to be in the $30 range,
    I completely understand the customer's position, $500 for 15 hours, man
    you are crazy I wouldn't pay you either!

    It's your fault!

    What you are doing now in ways of getting paid borders on extortion and strong armed robbery.
    People like you are giving this Industry a bad name.

    We could presume, except that reading this thread I have every reason to believe it did happen,
    the fact the title includes the word hypothetical really isn't helping either.

    I'm all fired up so even if it were hypothetical it was a bad idea for a thread.
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  7. MillerIn503

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    Glad that at least a verbal arrangement was met, in all hopes the daughters word is good. After all is said and done. How long did it take for this yard to get to a 14.5hr. clean up job? Maybe look at this job predicament as a sell and try to get a possible route from this client. Using the confusion of payment on this one clean up job as a catalyst to make more negotiable money from the situation. Sell the preventative maintenance fees that come along from routine yard care. The daughter wants to care, so use that.
  8. Duekster

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    In my hypothetical I get paid my max price and the lady of the house is lonely

    GSO LAWNEN4CER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Did you trim her bush?:laugh:
  10. MillerIn503

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    GSO, it sounds as if the daughter is now the care giver to the mother and home. Sell to her and not the mother, the importance of regular upkeep and that routine maintenance will prevent future high cost clean ups and provide a beautiful yard year round. Not just once a year, because it has to be done. This assuming that this is the case(no current routine care). Separating yourself from the negative first impression of payment negotiation. See how you can make the situation pull into a possible financial profit with a routine maintenance account year round. Both you and the client win...

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