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Hypothetical lawn install

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For all of you organic guys. Going to install a new seeded lawn. Bring in good top soil ammended with all the right organic stuff. Seed the grass. Seed germinates no problem. What are you going to do with all the weeds that germinated from the topsoil you brought in? I usually just give an inorganic spray at the 3 month mark to kill the weeds and then the grass just fills in no problem. All of the organics seem to be preemergent so that would kill the grass. Also lets not make it that you apply organics to kill the emerging weeds and then seed 3 weeks later because the season is just to short for that sort of nonsense.
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Fresh soil in a new yard?

IF you have enough time, don't plant the seeds right away. Let the weed seeds germinate and grow, then they'll be easy to eradicate. Wait again until it's obvious the weeds seeds are taken care of, then seed with grass.

Organic methods take more TIME...
Oops, sorry I missed that point in the original post...

If time is the controlling factor, and if you want everything NOW, organics is NOT going to work well.

The "I want it green tomorrow" mentality is what created the lawn chem business..
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