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Hypothetical lawn install

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For all of you organic guys. Going to install a new seeded lawn. Bring in good top soil ammended with all the right organic stuff. Seed the grass. Seed germinates no problem. What are you going to do with all the weeds that germinated from the topsoil you brought in? I usually just give an inorganic spray at the 3 month mark to kill the weeds and then the grass just fills in no problem. All of the organics seem to be preemergent so that would kill the grass. Also lets not make it that you apply organics to kill the emerging weeds and then seed 3 weeks later because the season is just to short for that sort of nonsense.
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I've never understood why some people try to produce grass as if it were a cash crop. I prefer the low maintance... low cost of never using any fertilizer, weed control, and only watering if necessary to keep grass and trees from dying. That is natural... real natural.
After reading this website I just put 50# of cornmeal on my yard. Hopefully it will make my yard look better without working me to death. Mowing grass is not that high on my list of ways to enjoy life.
My lawn is only 2,600 square feet so 50# should be a good start and at $4.50 a bag it's dirt cheap. I'm sure hoping for good results so I can have a nice lawn without really trying.
I used a coffee can and just flung it everywhere. Do the rest of you use a spreader? I don't even have one.
Regardless the result I intend to use cornmeal every 90 days for one full year to give it a fair test.
About 40 years ago we used plain old dirt then added perlite, vermiculite and sand to make potting soil. I have no idea what they use now? But that would cost too much anyway. LOL

About that same time (1964) I went to the sanitation dept. and they gave me a big old truckload of dried human waste. I spread it on my lawn and watered it in best I could. My next door neighbor had a swamp bucket cooler in his bedroom window and was a little upset about the smell. So I didn't use it again. But the tomatoes came up everywhere and the neighborhood kids
found a lot of large balloons in my yard.

But the grass didn't improve much so I just gave up and took up golf.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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