Hypothetical new walkbehind/stander mower - Would you buy something like this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davidcalhoun, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. davidcalhoun

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    The other day I was mowing (with a walkbehind) over a yard with lots of contour to it. There were areas that even my floating deck did not follow so well (without adding time to the job). This got me to thinking of a new hypothetical deck for a walkbehind or stander mower.

    We have all seen or heard of the Lastec mowers with their articulating decks on a larger ZTR format. Lastec has a ZTR model that goes down to a 61" deck. This 61" deck is composed of 3 - 21" decks. This deck setup seems like a nice idea although I have yet to mow with one.

    So there I am mowing and thinking that it would be nice if some manufacture had a walkbehind or stander with a articulating deck. It would seem feasible since Lastec has a 61" that they (Lastec) or some other manufacture could come up with a articulating deck comprised of 3 - 19" decks whitch would make it a overall deck size of 54" with a 3" overlap. I am sure that there are other size configurations that might make sense to some others.

    Enough rambling on my part. Would you guys try a mower like this?
  2. jtkplc

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    I proposed the idea of a articulating deck Stander to Lastec in the spring. I think it makes sense.
  3. luckylawnboy

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    Deere makes a mower just as you describe for golf courses.
  4. Wright Mfg

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    There is a big price for that and challenges to make everything last, like the belts or other blade drive method for articulation and weaker deck segments. Lot's of ideas out there that are doable, but it really comes down to "will enough people be willing to pay for it, and often keep paying to maintain the extra fancy feature". Sort of like justifying a 4 wheel steer car/truck.

    Anybody know how much the blades overlap each other on a Lastec so that when the blades move apart from each other, it doesn't miss grass?

  5. luckylawnboy

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  6. luckylawnboy

    luckylawnboy LawnSite Senior Member
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    Here is the Bigger mower

  7. davidcalhoun

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    Wright Mfg,

    It's kind of funny that you would associate a unique mower like this to a car or truck with 4-wheel steer. I happen to have a GMC 1500HD crew cab with Quadrasteer. I even looked for a whole year to find the right one.

    My mind must be wired a certain way.
  8. Richard Martin

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    The required overlap would be dependant on the difference between the maximum and minimum angle difference between the two decks as well as the set back. I imagine the required overlap would be significant especially when turning.

    Dixie Chopper's 3/4" overlap just wouldn't cut it (pun intended).
  9. brucec32

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    I was dreaming of an articulating mower last month when push mowing lawns that the 48" and even 32" decks woudn't mow smoothly. I'd settle for a simple 2x21" unit with a 40" combined width that was compact/light enough for residentials. Some lawns you just can't physically acheive a smooth cut on with a deck over 21" or so. There isn't a flat spot wider than that on the entire lawn.
  10. dishboy

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    IMO a Walker with it's compact overlapping blades, not offset deck and their floating design does the best at following the contour of irregular turf I have seen or used. MY 42" Is better at this than my 36" Exmark TTHP. You might demo a 36" as Walker has a very good demo program in place as policy. A rep will bring you a machine your interested in if the dealer does not have it.

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